- Things Your Dog Says When You've Caught Them Ignoring You--
Have you ever found yourself frustrated when your dog seems to completely ignore your commands? It's a common experience for pet parents. But did you know that there are reasons behind this behavior? 

In this blog post, we'll explore what your dog might be thinking when they ignore you, why repeating commands doesn't work, the importance of follow-through, and how to address the "treat-dependent" listening issue. Let's dive in! 

The Art of Ignoring  
-Things your dogs say when you've caught them ignoring you-

                                   "Oh, were you talking to me? I didn't even notice...."

Ever had those moments when you feel like you're chatting with a brick wall, but it's actually your dog giving you the cold shoulder? Trust me, we've all been there, wondering if our furry friends are off in their own little world. Turns out, our repeated commands are like a broken record to them, granting them permission to conveniently tune us out. 

They've figured out that they can dodge our requests until we've hit the millionth repetition mark. But seriously, who has the time or patience for that? If we're stuck in a loop of asking our dogs to sit or stay over and over again before they pay any attention, why would they bother coming the first time we call them?

It's no wonder our recall becomes less than incredible with all that command repetition. Time to break free from the repetition cycle and say it once... and only once-- then it's all about follow through.

The Power of Follow-Through 
--Things your dog might say if caught ignoring you...

           "I understood you the first time...I just don't feel like it right now."

We all adore our waggy woofs,  but let's be honest—sometimes their selective hearing can drive us up the wall. It's a scenario we're all too familiar with: you give your dog a command, and they simply ignore you.  Frustration mounts, leading you to repeat the command, yet still, there's no response. As we discussed above this repeating of commands actually teaches our dogs to tune us out. But why does it come to this point? It all boils down to the crucial element of follow-through. 

When we fail to follow through on our commands, our dogs pick up on it. They've learned that there's no real reason to listen if we don't back up our words with action. It's the doggie equivalent of saying, "Hey, I asked you to do something, but it's no biggie if you don't." But here's the game-changer: making sure you give a command and follow through if they do not do it... you might have to help.. but it's the key to showing our pups that we genuinely mean business and expect them to listen. 

Following through on commands is the most significant investment we can make in our relationship with our dogs. It conveys our unwavering desire for their cooperation and sets a standard of communication and respect. By consistently demonstrating that we're serious about their responses, we can establish a strong understanding between us. So, the next time your dog nonchalantly dismisses your command, remember the importance of follow-through. Investing the time and effort now will pay dividends of saved time and frustration for both of you down the road. 

When it feels like our dogs are flipping us the "finger" in response to our commands, it's essential to recognize the role we play in this behavior.  So we need to say it once and then help if needed-- so that the command given is done.  Don't go around throwing out commands you can't or won't enforce...

Breaking the Treat Dependency 
 -Things your dog might say if caught ignoring you...

   "Sorry, I only speak treat. Can you try again with a cookie in your hand?" 

Have you ever found yourself in a canine conversation that revolves solely around treats? Your dog gives you a dismissive look unless you have that amazing, top-tier cookie. It's as if their willingness to listen hangs entirely on the quality of the reward.

But here's where our unique program sets itself apart. We've embraced a different approach, relying on praise as the ultimate form of payment. No more dealing with crumb-filled pockets or the anxiety of running out of treats. Our powerful tool? Our voices. By utilizing praise as their paycheck, we shift their attention away from treats and establish the understanding that not having a cookie is never an excuse to ignore our commands.

Our ultimate objective is for our dogs to look to us, not solely fixated on the presence of a treat. How do we achieve this? It encompasses every aspect of our interactions with our dogs. It starts with effective teaching, avoiding the trap of repetitive commands that lead to being tuned out. It continues with consistent follow-through on our requests. Most importantly, it builds upon the foundation of a strong bond and trust between us. Through these collective efforts, we rise above the allure of treats and position ourselves as the primary focus for our dogs' attention and obedience.

This connection we forge prevents those frustrating moments of being ignored. So let's prioritize the building of that unbreakable bond and enjoy a relationship where our dogs eagerly tune in to us, regardless of the presence of a cookie.

In conclusion, dealing with a dog that consistently ignores our commands can be a source of frustration for any pet parent.  However, understanding the reasons behind this behavior and implementing the right strategies can make a world of difference. By breaking free from the repetition cycle and emphasizing the power of follow-through, we establish a clear expectation of obedience and build a strong bond with our furry companions. Moreover, by shifting the focus away from treats and relying on praise as the ultimate reward, we foster a deeper connection that goes beyond cookie dependency. So, let's take the time to invest in effective teaching, consistent follow-through, and the development of trust. Together, we can enjoy a harmonious relationship where our dogs eagerly listen and respond, regardless of the presence of a treat. 

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