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6 dogs sitting or laying down in a stay with mountains in the background

In Person Obedience 8 Week Program — 

Our obedience program in Idaho Falls is a program unlike anything you’ve seen before. Throughout this course, we use real-world distractions so your dog can learn to obey in their normal day-to-day lives. As the course progresses, so do the distractions.

In this 8-week dog training program, we cover all the basic commands and build the foundation of your training so you can teach your dogs precisely what you expect.

Available Every Spring & Autumn in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Come learn in a large group setting(30-35 dogs and handlers!) how to build a relationship with your dog and see what off-leash freedom could do for you, your family, and your adventures. While we focus on the basics, our primary focus is teaching you how to communicate and work WITH your dog. Building trust is a two-way street–as you build trust with your dog through consistency and leadership, they bring trust by following commands ensuring safety and the ability to live the life you dream of, whatever that may look like for you.

This program, like anything else, will only give you what you take from it. The results you’re hoping for will come with hard work, out-of-class practice, consistency, and using the tools and training we share with you. So come to class every week ready to work hard, enjoy your dog, and create a new and exciting different relationship with your dog.


We genuinely love our clients, and training with us means you become a member of the Scotch Pines Family.

Upon graduation, you receive a free pass to our group program so you can continue any training you may still need or drop in for a refresher anytime you’d like.

Our 8 Week In-Person Obedience Program tuition is $400.00 and includes:

Our programs and courses give you a powerful structure and foundation to train and turn your dog into a well-mannered canine citizen that can enjoy life off the leash. This foundation also opens the door for mutual respect and trust between you and your dog. 

With each of our clients, we teach you how to work on behaviors, teaching your dog what you expect them to do in different circumstances, how to listen to you, and what it means to be praised. We also teach you how to communicate healthy correction to your dog using tools that replicate their own types of body language, however only after we teach them the behavior we expect.

Ultimately, we want to help you and your dog have the healthiest and happiest relationship possible because we know that happy dogs help families and homes be happy too. In our experience, building your relationship with your dog on respect, trust, clear expectations, and feedback creates the most loving, connected, and happy result for you and your dog. 

Tuition COVERS

  • Once a week in-person class & training for 1.5 hours
  • Exposure to real-world distractions to build your dog’s foundation
  • 1-on-1 Consultations Paid Via Zoom if you want more personalized help
  • Class Q & A’s, (Meeting with Sarah before class begins and utilizing Joe’s knowledge during the class time to have your personal questions answered.)
  • Online Forum to Post Questions Throughout the Week
  • Videos for Commands Covered
  • Videos to Cover Common Behavioral Issues

Upon Graduation, you receive full access to our in-person program FOR FREE to continue your dog’s education and take refresher courses as needed.

*(diploma does not transfer to a new owner if the dog is rehomed)

Equipment Included

Your program fee also covers the cost of the specific tools you need to be in our training program.

This includes:

  • Training Collars
  • Training Lines
  • Off Leash Equiptment

*(6 foot leash not included)

Times to expect Equipment fitting

You come to class on week 1 and are fitted with equipment for weeks 1-5 and then fitted with off-leash equipment on week 6.

We will give you all the tools you need to train your dog in our in-person programs.

We bring 8 years of personal experience and the tried and proven Scotch Pines Method to the table to teach you how to:


Teach Your Dog What You Expect from Them So They Know How to Behave Consistently


Realign Your Focus So Your Dog Trusts You While You Train Them


Develop Mutual Respect


Keep Your Dog Focused When They’re Faced with Distractions


Get Your Dog to Listen to You


Keep Your Dog Safe


Have Your Dog Follow Your Commands - Come, Sit, Stay, Heel, Down, and Bonus Commands


Teach Your Dog to Calm & Settle


Take Your Dog Off-Leash without Fear or Hesitation


Trust Your Dog Around Other Dog(s) & Humans


Have a Happy Life with Your Dog(s) by Your Side

What We Expect From YOu When You Participate In Our Programs 

Training a dog to listen takes lots of repetition, just like strengthening your body, learning to juggle, and doing something that takes dedication and focus. But, if you follow our program and put in the time and effort, you are well on your way to having a well-trained dog that listens the first time you ask for the rest of their lives.

Training Your Dog for 30 Minutes a Day

Follow the Training as Presented

Be Kind to Yourself Through Each Step

Lean Into the Experience

Showing Up Prepared for Class (Equipment, Focused, Ready to Learn)

Grey gradiant registration announcement  with women playing with her german shepherd in the right corner
I’d train any dog in a heart beat with Scotch Pines. Very rarely do you I something and it works so well. I was very hopeful and was still very pleasantly surprised. It works. Sarah is wonderful. I can’t believe the various challenges and issues the dogs came with that she dealt with so confidently and capably in our class and in the stories she shared. She was recommended very enthusiastically by someone I hardly knew and I recommend Scotch Pines just as enthusiastically. Do the homework and your life and your dogs will be so much better for it.
K'Lyn Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions About our in-person dog training course in Twin Falls Idaho

What should I expect during the first class during this program?

Our first week starts with a bit of chaos; dogs come into class pulling owners, and almost all feel overexcitement. But then, the barking stops, and within 5-10 minutes of class, we start to see the calm. Of course, the main part of that session is getting our dogs to focus on us, so as we leave the first class, we see dogs walking calmly next to their owner just by playing a simple game.

Are family members allowed to attend classes?

All well-behaved family members are welcome. However, we ask that no young children are in the class area, especially babies, even if they are in a stroller. For the safety of your children and the dogs attending class, no children can be running through the training area. Your dog requires 100% of your attention during their training, so please arrange childcare as needed.

Can I join a program that has already started?

Once a program has begun, you are unable to join the program and will have to wait to attend the next available in-person training program. It’s essential that your dog gets off on the right foot so they can put their best paw forward and achieve the success we know they’re capable and deserving of.

Does our dog have to be spayed or neutered to attend in-person program?

Our doors are always open to your dogs, whether spayed or neutered. Females who are not fixed and in heat are welcome, except for our week 1 class. If you find this applies to you, all you have to do is attend week one without your dog for the instructions and equipment and work with them throughout the week; we will be here to happily welcome you back to week 2 for the in-person program.

How old does my dog need to be to start training?

We start working with dogs as young as five months old. We want to ensure your dog is fully vaccinated to keep them healthy and add a little more maturity and focus. Five months isn’t always the best fit; some dogs do better when they are a little older. We ask that you come prepared to take extra breaks if you decide to come through when your dog is 5-7 months.

Are older dogs welcome in training?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we know better. Any age can be trained if given the proper tools, time, and consistency. We’ve had dogs 12 years old in our program that graduated and went on to spend the rest of their lives being the best canine companion they could be!

Is there an age requirement for handlers?

We believe that responsible pet ownership can start at a young age, 12 to be exact! We welcome our younger pet owners to take this program, leave the frustration behind, and raise exceptional canine citizens they can genuinely enjoy and grow with.

Do you offer refunds?

We never want to see you or your dog in a training that isn’t the right fit for you which is why we have a no questions asked refund policy available up to one week from your start date.

Will a training collar–chain or prong ruin my relationship with my dog?

No! When used correctly(and we show you how!) they can be a fantastic tool–Just ask Kathryn! 

Hello! My name is Kathryn and my husband, Matt, and I are the parents of three goofy dogs: Kimber, 10yr old female lab/maybe border collie mix; Angus, 5.5yr old male lab/pit mix, and Wylie, 3yr old first generation labradoodle. 

We took Kimber and Angus through Sarah’s in-person course fall of 2019 and it was amazing! Kimber has always had anxiety issues and just by being in the course, she learned it’s okay to relax. Angus was a rescue with a big heart but a stubborn streak, and the class really helped us improve our relationship with him. My only regret is that we didn’t keep up on the progress we made (building a house on our own in 2020/21 made that a lesser priority), and now we have some refresher work to do with Kimber and Angus. I’m sure they’ll pick it back up quickly, though!

Now it’s Wylie’s turn to do the course. He’s an odd combo of highly reactive/protective, very visually stimulated (hello prey-drive!) and super eager to please/submissive. He’s definitely more my dog than Matt’s (Kimber is 100% dedicated to her daddy, Angus loves everyone and everything, lol!), and I’m really looking forward to the deeper trust and bond going through this course with Wylie will bring us. Given how reactive Wylie can be, I love having the opportunity to get the basics down with him in this zoom course and then reinforce it all with the added distractions of the other dogs and owners at the in-person session this fall.

Funny story – even though we’ve been slack working with our pups, Kimber and Angus still have very fond memories of it all. When I got our chain collar and long line and other equipment out and brought it in the house, they were crazy excited and kept trying the stick their heads in the collar while I was attempting to out it on Wylie. Goofy dogs.

Speaking of – Wylie hates anything around his head (we had to put a t-shirt on him when he was neutered as he fought all e-collars we tried so much we were concerned he’d pop his stitches). I knew the chain collar going on and off would be a challenge, so we’ve spent this last week slowly building up to it and praising, praising, praising when he shows even the slightest acceptance. Now he willingly sticks his head in the collar when I open it up. Of course, I’m sure the fact that the other two dogs want to wear it has helped as he thinks he’s getting a special treat they’re not.

Looking forward to getting started!

Testimonials & Dog training Success stories

This training is amazing. My dog Ellie and I recently completed Sarah’s 9 week obedience class. I can not say enough about it. The dog I started with and the dog I was able to train is amazing. I recommend this to anyone with a dog!!

Lori Lee

Even if you have trained your dogs yourself in the past I think it is great to refresh with a professional and gain a different perspective on techniques. Especially since every dog is different and might have different needs. The extra fine tuning is nice too. The group setting helps you learn from each other and helps give you confidence in yourself. And you gain new friends! It also helps you stay honest with yourself and accountable. Sarah is very honest, professional, personable, and is there if you need her. If she doesn't have an answer to a concern she works with you to find it. She cares about your success because she wants you to be happy with your dog the rest of their life. She gets to know your dog and you. Highly recommend!

Highly recommended! When I started nine weeks ago I thought I wouldn't get this far. I worried that I wouldn't be able to train my dog to be off leash. But here we are. It's graduation day and we're there. An amazing transformation. Sarah is an amazing trainer. She knows her stuff and helps every single one of the class members improve. She's our trainer for life. So grateful I made the commitment.

We took our energetic Weimaraner and have been absolutely thrilled with the results, Sarah was absolutely wonderful helping answer questions before, after, and outside of class. This class was the best investment we could've made into our dog becoming the best family dog possible. It was worth every penny and then some! We cannot recommend it enough and absolutely will not hesitate to take any future dogs we get as well!

Oh my gosh Sarah... I’m not sure how to thank you! I never, ever would have thought Macho could lay in a sea of dogs! Even as a pup he has never been a social dog.. he’s just never liked other dogs and has had aggressive tendencies right from the beginning! I was so nervous about the “dog pile”, but because of the training you taught us to teach and trust him... he rocked it! I’m so impressed with each class! You’ve helped us to know how to handle touchy dog situations with the proper reprimand! Im so proud of how far he has come!! You told us from night one you would know if we were all doing our homework.. and it’s so true.. if you put in the work, you will succeed!! I’m certain we will come back after graduation to refresh!!! With dog piles of gratitude!!!!

The Voigt Family!!! (2018)


I just want to say thank you! Max is rocking it this week and we are so pleased with his progress. You said week 6 is when we become believers and you didn't disappoint! We have a bunch of videos of him heeling while we aren't holding the leash and coming while he is distracted that we have shared with our family and friends. Everyone is impressed because they knew Max before 🙂 several of them are interested in your future classes! Thanks for your dedication and patience with us 🙂 Emily and Max Week 6 Spring 2016 • We took our miniature poodle to this class and have been amazed with his progress! Our first class Max was terrified of all the other dogs and barked the whole time but by week 2 we saw a huge difference in his behavior and it just got better from there. At week 6 he would stay by our side while walking and by week 7 he would stay while I walked 50 yards away. Sarah was always available to answer any questions and concerns. We are able to enjoy our walks without pulling or trying to run away. Our dog is so much happier and more confident. As long as you put in the work you will have success!

Emily and Max Spring 2016

Crush is our second Llewellyn Setter but is SO different than Goose, our Llewellyn that is one year older. We were having the same issues with him as we did a year prior with Goose but he was also more distracted by squirrels, cats, etc. Just your typical hard headed Setter things. During homework and class of week four, it 'clicked' with him. He no longer struggled against the training and learned that it was easier to do what is asked of him the first time and not get the correction. Crush improved so much that we were able to win Top Dog for our class. What a turnaround! Goose went through the entire class again and has continued to make progress. We have taken both to classes when we are able and they always love being around the other dogs in class and seem to always make improvements. They are taken on runs around the greenbelt and are always complimented on how well they heel and behave. Sarah has been great in giving us help and suggestions on anything dog related. She is an amazing asset to us and our dogs. We can't recommend Sarah or Scotch Pines more highly.

Richard, Shannon, Snow Goose and Orange Crush Croft (Summer 2017)

Cali is a 1 year old lab mix. She is very energetic and loved to greet people by jumping on them and basically not leaving them alone. She wouldn't listen to commands unless she wanted to, which wasn't often. Not many people enjoyed being around her because she was so crazy. I also have family members that could be seriously injured if she jumped on them and knocked them over. My husband and I felt like something needed to be done or we would have to find Cali a new home. We were in over our heads. We were hesitant to spend the money on dog training because we weren't sure if it was going to work, but we decided to take the plunge. I am so glad we did. Cali is a completely different dog. I can take her on walks without her pulling or whining and barking at other dogs. She greets people who come to our door politely. I am happy to take her places, it no longer stresses me out. We took her this 4th of July weekend to my in-laws home. Everyone was impressed at her behavior. I had many compliments from both family and strangers. We took her to the park for some of the celebrations and Cali stayed right by my side, even when other dogs came over to greet her. I was comfortable dropping her leash if I needed two hands to help my kids. I guess long story short is that we saw amazing results using Scotch Pines Dog Training. It was completely worth it.

Karen and Cali–Spring 2016 Rigby

Arcee was about 10 mo old when we went to our first Scotchpines class with Sarah. Arcee was AWFUL. It was winter, I had to lift her in/out of my SUV. When I opened the door I grabbed the leash just in time for her to drag me along the parking lot on my hands and knees. I got a little bloody. I did get into class and I tearily told Sarah I didn't know if I could keep Arcee. She talked me into not giving up, showed me how to get Arcee to jump into SUV on her own and by the end of FIRST class I turned this large dog into one I could bond much better with by my becoming a much more confident leader. BTW I was 67 and had back surgery six weeks prior. Now Arcee is not perfect yet, yes she is a lot of dog for me. But I am 'tuning' her up in the April class and I wouldn't part with her for anything. She is so changed I may make her my service dog! Sarah is a truly gifted dog trainer and I feel so lucky I found her.

—Kathy and Arcee, Jan 2016

First off, Sarah is awesome! My husband and I enrolled our puppy Kiara simply because she couldn't grasp what NO meant and we were slowly losing our patience! I was amazed at the puppy that graduated 9 weeks later! Sarah not only trained us at class but she is available by phone or email all the time and has the best advice for simple problems. You honestly can't get a better deal! When you sign on, you get an amazing trainer and friend for life!

–Chelsea Chavez and Kiara, Sept 2015

Sarah is awesome! We first attended her puppy class. We took away some great tools from that class. Our young Siberian Husky just graduated as “Top Dog” from the 9week obedience course. The classes were fun hands on training aimed at us owners and our beloved pups. I researched a while before deciding on Scotch Pines. So glad we found them as this is our second Siberian Husky. I never thought it possible to have an off leash Husky. Well I can tell you first hand we are well on our way with this one. I cannot put into words my gratitude towards Sarah and her wonderful husband who helped out in the more difficult sessions. I highly recommend Scotch Pines!!

Randy and Kia 2018

This class worked wonders for my pups. I will admit there is a bit of work but the work pays off big time!!! She was amazing about taking time to answer any questions and was supportive to help make even the silliest puppies behave and learn. I was amazed at the progress of the entire class! Thank you! Thank you Sarah! I can now take my pups for the hikes and activities I always wanted to and not worry about them taking off!

–Ashley Necaise, Hank and Ranger   Sept 2015

Thanks Sarah! Trixie is a new dog. Twenty minutes ago I told her to get "down", then "stay". Now she's sound asleep at my feet, while I sit at the kitchen table. I HIGHLY recommend both you as an instructor and Scotch Pines as an obedience school.

Steve & Trixie—2015 Winter

Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for offering this class. I have learned more than I expected--not all of it dog-related. You know it has been challenging for me to train Murphy. I've been learning right along with her. When we started the class, I didn't believe Murphy would ever be able to go off-leash. But she did! And she's doing pretty well. Thank you for taking the time to work with me one-on-one as well. Your support and advice has been invaluable--especially when I hit my low point. I know Murphy and I still have work to do, but I feel like, with the tools you've given us, we can do it. I will be happy to refer you as much as I can. You do an amazing job! Thank you, thank you!

Cami and Murphy Spring 2016 Rigby


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