My Fav Enrichments Things From Amazon and Free Ideas!
I love canine enrichment!! There are so many amazing tools our there for you to buy--- that being said-- THERE ARE SO MANY FREE IDEAS out there.... Here's an impromptu let's see if we can grab a few things throughout the house and create a enrichment game--watch me try something, fail and try again... you win some, you loose some... BUT There is sooo much to do without purchasing anything.

See the bottom for lots of ideas that don't cost anything!

Flirt Poles: Help to burn energy and give that chase drive an outlet

Herding Ball: Fun for dogs to push around and burn that excess energy!

Enrichment Idea's My Dogs Love!

Here are some ideas for some DIY and other fun things to try!

Herding Try Treibball! The New Herding Sport - No Sheep Required - 
 Treibball is a terrific new way to play with your dog. The game consists of “herding” a number of large inflatable exercise balls into a soccer-like net. 
Scent work 

Cardboard box meal-- I love this one! So easy and don't need anything--I put their breakfast or dinner in a card board box and crumple paper on top of their food.They have to move the paper around to eat their meal. 
Cones with treats--Orange soccer cones--put treats under them and have the dog figure out how to knock over or move it to get the treat. You could also use cups or anything to get the dog to use their smell to find the cookies. 

Find the treats--indoor and outdoor-- How I start 
2 days: Throw treats on the ground(inside or out) and tell the dog to find the cookies or treats 
Day 3 and on: I start moving treats up on furniture or whatever you'd like to make it more difficult and to make them use their sense of smell more difficult. 
Let me know if you find something fun to do with your pup and share with others if you think of anything not on the list! 

Shred: Lettace--cardboard boxes,--give it a name for the job

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