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Our Tuition is one time $400- Which includes    
Once a week in-person class & training for 1.5 hours(for 8 weeks)
Exposure to real-world distractions to build your dog’s foundation
Class Q & A’s, (Meeting with Sarah before class begins and utilizing Joe’s knowledge during the class time to have your personal questions answered.)
Online Forum to Post Questions Throughout the Week
Video Library with whole program
Videos to Cover Common Behavioral Issues     
and all training equipment(training collars, long lines, and all off leash equipment) for the course(other than a 6 foot leash)
You also receive a free pass to the group class for the dogs life--so you can attend at any time for tune-ups, for fun, or if you need some extra help. We also offer free training support throughout your dog's life via email(and the group class). So if issues occur at any point after you graduate, we are here to help!
Double Dog Discount First dog is $400, the second dog is $350--- USE "doubledog" in the coupon code box to access the 2 dog discount and register them both.

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We are hoping to have enough interest for a Friday night session!
Please select and register for your first choice of class on Saturday so you have spot in class, but 
if you are interested in moving from your first choice of Saturday class to 
Friday night, please make sure you indicate it below on the registration form. 

IF you can only make a Friday night class, I have an option to select under where you pick your class times. 
Please sign up for a slot, however we will 
not take payment until we have enough people signed up to hold the class. 
I am hoping to hold a session March 29th 6-7:30pm so we have enough light.

Spring 2024 Session
March 29th 6-7:30pm (Possible)
March 30th 9-10:30am
March 30th 11:30am-1pm

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