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Learn to Ignore the Squirrels
 At the Coolest Obedience Program in Town
 Our obedience program in Idaho Falls is like nothing you've ever seen before. We don't just teach your dog the basics - we train them to obey in any situation, even when they're distracted by squirrels or the mailman. 

In just 8 weeks, we'll help you build a solid foundation with your pup so you can communicate effectively and get them to do exactly what you want. And if you're worried about being in a class with a bunch of boring humans and their pups, fear not! Our group setting is a blast with 30-35 dogs and handlers all working together to create a bond that's stronger than your pup's urge to chase a tennis ball.


Join the Pack: Obedience Program Pricing and Inclusions

Welcome to our pricing page, where we'll break down what's included in our paw-some obedience program and how much it'll cost you.
First things first, the tuition for our 8-week program is $400
But wait, don't bark yet, because that fee includes a ton of perks!

**You'll attend a weekly 1.5-hour in-person class where you'll train your pup to be the best-behaved dog on the block. But we don't just train in a boring environment. Nope, we expose your furry friend to real-world distractions so they can handle anything life throws their way.

**And if you have any questions, we've got your back. Our Q&A sessions before and during class let you pick Sarah's brains and tap into Joe's expertise. Plus, you can ask questions anytime on our online forum.

**You'll also get access to videos covering all the commands and common behavioral issues we address in class.

** And once you graduate (cue the cap and gown), you'll get to attend any of our in-person program's FOR FREE to keep the learning going.

****And let's not forget about the equipment. We provide the necessary tools for training, including training collars, lines, and off-leash equipment. The only thing you need to bring is a 6-foot leash.

Our program is the leash you can do for your pup, and we're confident you'll see the results in no time.

Our Next Session Starts

Our Next Session Will Start Spring 2024-- Please sign up for our email list to get in-person program details!

  • Spring 2024


Spring Session Starts between the 3rd week or March to April.  Typically we start the first weekend of April. 
We meet every Saturday for 8 weeks
for 1.5 hours in Idaho Falls.

Our Tuition is one time $400- Which includes    
Once a week in-person class & training for 1.5 hours(for 8 weeks)
Exposure to real-world distractions to build your dog’s foundation
Class Q & A’s, (Meeting with Sarah before class begins and utilizing Joe’s knowledge during the class time to have your personal questions answered.)
Online Forum to Post Questions Throughout the Week
Video Library with whole program
Videos to Cover Common Behavioral Issues     
and all training equipment(training collars, long lines, and all off leash equipment) for the course(other than a 6 foot leash)
You also receive a free pass to the group class for the dogs life--so you can attend at any time for tune-ups, for fun, or if you need some extra help. We also offer free training support throughout your dog's life via email(and the group class). So if issues occur at any point after you graduate, we are here to help!
Double Dog Discount First dog is $400, the second dog is $350-- Select quantity at top of registration -- USE "doubledog" in the coupon code box to access the 2 dog discount and register them both.

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