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 "Before Basics"  
where we lay the groundwork for your pup's happiness and success. 

Basic Obedience CAN wait...
But it's critical to set up the puppy (and you) for the ride of your life... 
This allows you to fall back on these skills when you hit the ruff patches.

  1. Routine, Structure, & Boundaries: The cornerstones that pave the path to a well-adjusted pup.
  2. Proper Socialization: This can't wait. It's not just convenient; it's a key to a confident, balanced dog.
  3. Leadership Skills: Guide your puppy through every twist and turn of puppyhood.
  4. Deep Bonding: Form an unbreakable connection that fuels your journey together.
  5. Calm State of Mind: A cornerstone for harmony, teaching them to navigate life's ups and downs.
We will teach you how to build these skills with your puppy with our Leadership Exercise, Socialization Workshop and checklist, and support from our Head Trainer, Sarah. 

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🏡 Module 1: The First Steps to Success: Dive into the world of puppy parenting! From setting up a welcoming home to introducing essential routines, we've got you covered.
🐾 Module 2: Building a Confident Canine: Discover the art of socialization and leadership. Learn how to create a pup who's confident, well-mannered, and ready to explore the world.
🚀 Module 3: Problem-Solving Pup Strategies: Tackle those tricky behaviors head-on! From biting to jumping, we're here to guide you through solutions that create a peaceful home.
💡 Paw-some Extras: Gain access to our Calm Canine Workshop and Give Your Dog a Job Workshop and much more! It's all about enhancing the pup-parent bond and making training fun!

I Want To Help You Enjoy Your Puppy, Walk You Through The Ruff Patches and Cheer You On... Because I've Been There

Ari Lawson
Apprentice Trainer

Bio coming Soon!

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