Holiday Blog BONUS!!! Watch how we moved Diesel our Board and Train through a family get together!
Biggest mistakes we make when we are introducing our dogs to guests, is allowing them to run up to them... We have to get the calm first!  Before guests came, we worked with Diesel on doorbell desentization, sit on the dog, settle command, tether work and working him out both physically and mentally. It's a process, but Diesel got it within a few weeks with us...

He came for a "Settle" Bootcamp Board and Stay with me and left with skills that helped him find his forever home.

Steps shown in the video

1. We expected him to be in a calm state before he was allowed off the tether. 
2. He was allowed off, but still on a drag line so I could bring him back into a settle command
3. Calm = allowed to say hello
4. Happy woof hanging out with us all
5. Ready to put him back into a calm spot when he gets over stimulated.

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Woof ya later, 



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