Today is the day:  Preparing Your Pup for a Peaceful Party--A Step-by-Step Guide
The holiday season is a time of celebration, and we want our four-legged friends to be a part of the joyous gatherings. We've explored various techniques and strategies to ensure your dog's calm and well-mannered behavior during the holidays. From doorbell desensitization to the "Sit on the Dog" exercise and the power of canine enrichment, we've covered it all. Now, let's put it all together and discuss what to do on the day of the party to help your dog be ready for the festivities.

Morning of the Party: A Calm Start

  1. Early Exercise: Start the day with a brisk walk or a game of fetch, play with the flirt pole, just burn that energy to help your dog stay calm.
  2. Enrichment Time: Offer a puzzle toy or engage in a scent game to mentally stimulate your pup. A tired mind is less likely to become anxious or overly excited.
  3. Quiet Time: Provide some quiet time for your dog to relax and unwind before the party. This can include resting in their designated area or enjoying some downtime with you.
During the Party: Managing Behavior

  1. "Sit on the Dog" Exercise: Utilize the "Sit on the Dog" exercise to maintain calmness. This exercise helps your dog find their inner peace amidst distractions. Encourage them to enter a down position and stay calm.
  2. Settling Command: Utilize the  "settle" command as needed. If your dog starts getting amped up, use the command to guide them back to a calm state.
  3. Enrichment Activities: Provide enrichment activities during the party to keep your dog engaged and prevent boredom. Puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys work wonders. Also, if you are noticing your dog getting overwhelmed, give them the option to go to a safe spot to take a nice nap. Even our social dogs love to have break time. 
After the Party: Wind Down

  1. Post-Party Walk: Take your dog for a short walk after the festivities to help them decompress and burn any remaining energy.
  2. Quiet Space: Create a quiet retreat for your dog to relax after the excitement. Ensure they have access to water and their favorite toys.
  3. Review and Reflect: Reflect on your dog's behavior during the party and note any areas where improvement is needed. This will help you plan for future gatherings.
A Calm and Joyful Celebration

By following these steps and incorporating the techniques we've discussed in previous blog posts, you can ensure that your dog is well-prepared for the day of the party. Remember, consistency and patience are key to success. With your guidance and the right strategies, your pup can be a calm and joyful presence during the holiday festivities, making it a season to remember for everyone in your home.
Here's to a peaceful and happy holiday season for you and your beloved furry companion! 🐾🎄❤️


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