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What's in a Name?

Scotch Pines Dog Training was established on Scotch Pines Road in Payette, Idaho, in 1993 by Will and Vivian Stoppel. 

Scotch Pines is now owned by their daughter April Stoppel Jantz, who has made it her full-time career. Scotch Pines is the largest dog training school in Idaho and one of the largest in the nation.

We enjoy tremendous support from veterinarians, law enforcement officials, and humane societies throughout Idaho.

Over the years we've been privileged to work with thousands of dogs of all breeds—huge dogs, aggressive dogs, sensitive dogs, rambunctious dogs, timid dogs, petrified dogs, abused dogs, young dogs, and old dogs. We love them all. We welcome the chance to work with you and your special dog soon!

For the past 20 years, Scotch Pines has grown from a hometown program started in the Boise area to two additional franchises that cover the Magic Valley and Southeast Idaho.  We've expanded our dog training services online as well! Now we can work with you and your dog anywhere you live!

Puppy Course

At Scotch Pines Dog Training, we know that the key to a successful and happy relationship with your dog starts from the very beginning. 

We believe that taking action early on and building a strong foundation with your puppy sets you both up for a lifetime of adventure and companionship. Whether you're just starting out with your new puppy or need a fresh start with an older dog, we're here to help you every step of the way. 

With our expert guidance and support, you can make puppyhood or "re-puppyhood" a positive and fun experience for both you and your dog. 

Behavioral Consults

We understand that living with a dog who doesn't quite fit into your home and life can be challenging.  Our behavioral consults will teach you how to address the issues and give you the tools you need to take back control.

Behavioral consults are one-on-one and held in Idaho Falls. If you can't come to us, our apprentice, Ari, will travel to your home to work with you. 

We will be expanding our one-on-one consults to Twin Falls soon!

Meet Sarah
Head Trainer

Sarah is passionate about helping dogs and their people build stronger, more fulfilling relationships through the training programs offered by Scotch Pines Dog Training. As the driving force behind our classes, she spends her time planning and creating new ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

Sarah is always dedicated to sharing her expertise and knowledge with others. Her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude make her a joy to work with. She is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to each and every client.

When she's not training dogs, Sarah loves exploring the great outdoors with her husband, Joseph, and their two kids. Hiking, kayaking, and discovering new places are just a few of her favorite pastimes. And of course, taking her dogs along for the ride is the ultimate perk of her job!

Meet Ari
Apprentice Trainer

Ari is a dog lover who started her training journey in 2020 when she adopted her first dog Blue. She honed her training skills by fostering dogs from local rescues and shelters before joining Scotch Pines Dog Training with Sarah. Ari has been eagerly learning from Sarah and incorporating Scotch Pines methods into her daily work with her dogs. 

She also provides boarding and daycare for dogs in her home and is an avid volunteer at Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls. Ari has 5 dogs of her own and always a few fosters in the mix. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, reading, hiking, and caring for her houseplants.

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Meet Joseph
The Support Genuis

Joseph is the go-to person for all things behind the scenes. Whether you have questions or concerns while Sarah is busy training, or need help with anything related to our programs, Joseph is here to help.

He keeps things running smoothly by using his business knowledge and expertise to streamline our processes. He ensures that everything is organized and efficient. Additionally, he captures progress through photos and videos, ensuring that you have a visual record of your dog's journey.

But, it's not just about business for Joseph; he's passionate about dogs and helping people build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their pets. When he's not working, you can find him exploring new trails and enjoying the great outdoors with Sarah and their furry companions.


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