Proudly helping Pet Parents Become Their Dogs Best Friends

Over the past 8 years we’ve personally helped over a thousand dogs in Eastern Idaho, and we love this method because it’s how we learned to train our dogs, and it changed our world, so much that we franchised to bring the joy of a well-trained dog into your home.

Scotch Pines Dog Training has trained tens of thousands of people to become their dogs best friends over the past 20 years.  To become part of this franchise, our trainer, Sarah, was an apprentice under April Jantz for two years and franchised in 2015.

Years Serving Clients

Everything we do here is designed to take you through our unique dog training method

We are here to help you have fun through the journey and learn and grow alongside your dog. We believe that every pet parent deserves to have a deep bond with their dog, and that every dog deserves a person that has their back and does everything in their power to keep them in their happy home.  This is why we train. 

1. Build A Deep Bond By Becoming A Team Through Training

2. Teach Behaviors & Expectations to Your Dog

3. Use Healthy Correction & Praise

4. How to Move Forward with More Freedom for You & Your Dog

5. The Ultimate Goal Off-Leash

Off Leash Freedom is possible!

Everyone wants a well-trained dog! We know that it is possible to have a dog that can and will listen and that you can have this experience with your dog too!

Before I learned the Scotch Pines Method, I thought my dogs were “trained,” but I could never really get them to behave or listen when other dogs or distractions were around.

At Scotch Pines Dog Training, we aren’t here to train your dog for you; it’s our job to teach you and your dog together as a team. We give you the tools and know-how you need to train your dog.

Our goal with you is to work towards an off-leash life and more freedom with your dog. We want you and your dog to be happy, connected, and have as much freedom as you both want.

Through our programs, you can train your dog to become the dog of your dreams!

Many of our clients come to work with us because

  • The unmet expectations in raising a puppy/dog and feeling they are in over their head
  • Their “Unruly” dog– they are embarrassed with their behavior
  • Safety issues—their dog runs away, and the catch me if you can game is only fun for the dog.
  • Lack of understanding with how working the dogs brain reduces behaviors
  • Lack of understanding of basic instinct of a dog vs a dog that is “bad”
  • They want a relationship with their dog that is different than what they have been able to build
  • They want something fun to do with their dog
  • This is their last shot at keeping their dog–they’ve reached the end of their rope with the dog’s behavior and will rehome them if this class doesn’t work.
  • Haven’t been able to bond with a new dog after their dog has passed away
  • They didn’t realize a dog would be so much work and did not do the work to develop structure and routine with their dog and are struggling with that result.

Dog Training Programs That Work When You Do Too

Live Online Obedience Program

This online obedience program allows you to learn the Scotch Pines Method from anywhere. We give you everything you need to get the basics and how to communicate with your dog. There is also more 1:1 feedback over video since we are not in person.

This program is just as successful as our in-person program because when you are committed to training your dog using our method, the outcomes are amazing regardless of how the information is delivered.

Surviving & Thriving In Puppyhood Course

This course will teach you to understand puppy behaviors and how to begin the foundation of teaching your puppy what you expect. Training a puppy can be challenging and overwhelming, and this course makes it easier to understand the journey and what to do; the best part is you have real support.

This course includes 2 hours of training videos and a 30-minute zoom consultation to give you feedback on how it’s going as you implement the techniques.


In-Person Obedience Program

Come learn how to build a relationship with your dog in a large group setting and see what off-leash freedom could do for you, your family, and your adventures. While we focus on the basics, our primary focus is teaching you how to communicate and work WITH your dog.

Building trust is a two-way street–as you build trust with your dog through consistency and leadership, they build trust by following commands that ensure their safety. This trust allows you to live the life you dream of, whatever that may look like for you.  

1:1 Consultaitons & Private Training

Work with Sarah 1:1 for more in-depth concerns or challenges via Zoom.  Troubleshooting of specific obedience “commands” are not addressed here unless you are a graduate. However, if you need my undivided attention, this is the best way to get that additional support. Aggression and reactivity taken on case by case basis. 

if you do the work in our programs, you can expect astounding results like our other clients

Walk Nicely on The Leash in the Heel Position or on a Loose Leash “Free Dog” Walk or Politely Enjoy “Free Dog” Off-Leash Freedom at Your Side

**I just had to tell you, that we took Kiara for a real walk yesterday off leash. We’ve been so bad at the “walking” part with the cold weather she’s only been taken for runs and what not. but we went up to the canyon. There was some people up there and I had her heel, she came right to me and then noticed the people after we started walking she inched to take off to them I grunted and said no and she stayed by our side! Once we passed them we said ok free dog and she took off in front of us and ignored the people! She made our night!!***

– Chelsea C. and Kiara  2015 graduate

Dog Gained Confidence & Trust

** Our dog spent lots of time hiding, running, growling at strange people and dogs, etc. Now her fear issues are much more under control; she will heel off-leash and walk calmly past all sorts of new things. She’s much happier and I now actually look forward to taking her for walks. Two thumbs way up.*

– Lexi and Skye 2017

Improved Behaviors & Manners at Home

**Anytime a door opened, our dog Jaxx would be halfway across town before I could say his name. Yesterday a contractor left a door open he ran out to our front yard and stayed there; I called him and he came right back in!!!! Miracle worker!!!**

– Nichole and Jaxx 2015

**Omgosh-The doorbell just rang, and Nip actually stayed in a sit while I answered the door, and didn’t try to slip out and bolt, or crotch sniff the visitors. Hallelujah!**  

– Justine and Nip 2016

Stay Where We Ask

**Our dog will stay and we walk away from them, even go out of sight, and they will not move until we call them.*

– Bearnson Family 2017

Walk Calmly & Quietly Past People, Other Dogs, and Things

**We took her to A HUGE community event last week that was held in a park and today we brought her to the lake. She was so well behaved!! Kali never barked at anyone and listened to us better than I ever even thought possible.*

– Kali 2019

Found What Worked Best for Their Dog & Never Gave Up

** This is the best class!!!  My pup is doing so good. Follow Sarah’s program and put in the work and this program works fantastic. Sarah is our 3rd trainer and nothing compares to her.  Thanks Sarah!

– Penny Baker  Zoom Jan. 2022

Sought Out Help & Took the Time to Implement the Training

**“I have never had dogs before and I had NO clue how to train them or teach them anything! I was referred to Sarah/scotch pines from a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the puppy class and zoom call!

– Traci Adams

Come When Called the First Time

**Now my dog will stop at a dead run and come back.*

– Linda and Sammy  2017

What would the dog of your dreams look like?

Your dog comes when you call them regardless of a distraction or location.

Your dog can stay wherever you ask them.

You don’t need to repeat your command – because they listen. (You shouldn’t need to “remind the dog.”)

Your dog is focused on you-but allowed to be a dog, look around and be a “free dog” while you take them on walks.

Enjoy the time with your dog more fully because they aren’t pulling you all over the place.

Your dog can calm down on your command, so they can just be.

Actually take your dog out for walks or to places you’ve always wanted to include your dog in

At Scotch Pines Training, our goal is for you to know how to help your dog become the dog of your dreams.


Such a wonderful experience. Not only is Sarah super friendly and understanding but she really knows what she is doing and I am so grateful for her knowledge. We attended the in person class our dog Finn was crazy and would pull me down the block, jump on people when they came in the door and was crazy. Thanks to Sarah and her class we are able to have people over and I can walk my dog without being dragged down the block. She helped us to understand and create a bond with our dog by helping us communicate with him better and tech him to understand what we are trying to tell him to do. I feel more confident in handling and controlling my dog. Sarah has great knowledge and really helped us. I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone. Scotch pines and Sarah are hands down the best around!

Larissa U

After only 4 days our puppy is like a new puppy. We tried training her with treats and when she was biting we tried introducing a toy or bone that she was allowed to chew on like all the websites suggested and it just didn't work. After only 4 days using the training tips Sarah taught us in the puppy class, our Lucy is a joy to be around. Thank you so much! We are excited to get Lucy enrolled in the obedience class as soon as we are able.

– Willie A

I can’t recommend Sarah Crozier and Scotch Pines more. I’ve had the opportunity to attend both private and group classes. My German Shorthair Pointer is extremely high-energy and mischievous. She’s helped me train him from being a dog that I could hardly control even indoors to a companion I can even take to work. She is very knowledgeable. She’s generous with her time and is accessible outside of class. I have also observed her train an amazing variety of dogs - high anxiety, aggressive, etc. Whatever the problem, she always seems to have a solution. You won’t regret investing the money - it will totally change the way you’re able to interact with your dog! She has also helped me identify and better accommodate my dog’s needs, which has been great for both me and my dog. 🙂

– Bailey P

Hi Sarah! I didn't get a chance to talk to you last night, but both Jim and myself want to say THANK YOU 🙂 Sierra is so much more confident outside our home now and it's such a wonderful thing to see. She is able to go out and about with us and she just radiates happiness. This wasn't Sierra's first training class and after feeling defeated in her last obedience class we didn't know what to do. We are so glad we found you and we really can't thank you enough for what you taught all of us. We are really just amazed at her progress and her reactivity issues are almost non-existent. You'll be pleased to know that Sierra got so many compliments on her good behavior when we went to the farmers market last week and she was very proud of herself. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Tara, Tim and Sierra

My little Harley Jo was an obedience school dropout who also went to a very expensive private trainer as well with little to no improvement. I signed up for Scotch Pines with honestly very little expectations. After seven weeks I cannot begin to tell you the difference in my little Frenchie! It is incredible! Not only does Sarah teach you how to work with your dog, she is available for questions, support and encouragement all throughout the training. I highly recommend Sarah and Scotch Pines!!!

– Lynn B

We were considering behavioral euthanasia and Sarah's class saved Daisy's life. Daisy graduated at the top of her class and is the dog I always knew she could be! Sarah gave us the tools we needed to build our relationship with Daisy. I am so glad we decided to enroll. Sarah has given us our life back! I cannot thank her enough.

Breanne A

An excellent program for any dog and owner. Old dog to puppy - this class will help train you and your dog. Instructions and practice in each class were clear with individual help as needed. Sarah’s style was perfect - training both owners and dogs!

– Debisu H

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