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Ari Lawson

Ari started her training journey in 2020 when she adopted her first dog Blue. She quickly realized her dedication to her new monster matched her naivety. What followed was a year of weekly private training sessions to address Blue’s aggression, reactivity, and general chaos. Through that process Ari saw that every dog is good and the right training can help them show the world that goodness. 

Before joining Scotch Pines Dog Training with Sarah, Ari honed her training skills by fostering dogs from local rescues and shelters. Still maintaining a level of optimistic naivety she takes the difficult cases. She’s experienced the full spectrum of dogs: from aggressive to extremely fearful, from never living in a house to agents of chaos in the home, from shutdown and timid to wild and unable to focus. She drank the Scotch Pines koolaid after taking her second dog, Cheese, through the 8-Week Obedience Program with Sarah in 2023. Now she has been eagerly learning from Sarah and incorporating Scotch Pines methods into her daily work with her dogs. In addition to Scotch Pines training method Ari practices cooperative care and positive reinforcement with dogs in her home. 

Outside of training Ari has further immersed herself in the world of dogs through providing boarding and daycare for dogs in her home. By maintaining strict boundaries, constant supervision, and play group rotations she has created a home that is for the dogs. They have been nice enough to let Ari continue to live there. Being surrounded by dogs all day every day has allowed Ari to observe and learn dog behavior firsthand. Feel free to check out her profile and services on Rover ( If you are a first-timer to Rover you can use this promo code (ARIL48612) and get $20 off your first booking. 

Now Ari has a house full of dogs at all times. She has 5 dogs of her own (Blue, Cheese, Macaroni (Mac), Potato (Tato), and Beanie) and always a few fosters in the mix. She is an avid volunteer at Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls and is their biggest fan. When she’s not training Ari cycles through a long list of collected hobbies including crocheting, reading, hiking, caring for her many houseplants, and smiling at every dog she encounters. 

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🚀 Module 3: Problem-Solving Pup Strategies: Tackle those tricky behaviors head-on! From biting to jumping, we're here to guide you through solutions that create a peaceful home.
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