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Expecting a puppy soon? Our what to expect the first night with your puppy guide provides tips to make your first night together be a little more smooth!

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Scotch Pines Leadership
It's our #1 focus, and we believe it should be yours too! 
Listen up, puppy parents! We know you want a pup that's calm, obedient, and doesn't cause chaos at the vet or groomer. Well, our Leadership Exercise is like the secret sauce to making that happen!

Our exercise is so powerful, it'll make everything else you're doing with your pup fall right into place. That means no more chasing your furry friend around the house trying to stop them from biting, jumping, or causing mayhem.

Plus, the best part? Our Leadership Exercise helps you bond with your pup in a whole new way! You'll spend quality time together, building a relationship that's built on trust and respect. And let's face it, who doesn't want that with their pup?
So, if you want a pup that's a total champ at the vet, calm around guests, and just an all-around good boy or girl, our Leadership Exercise is the answer!



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