We focus on practical, real-life obedience by incorporating a variety of distractions into our training to help you and your dog reach your goals. 

Expect to encounter distractions ranging from other dogs and their owners to more unique challenges designed to test and reinforce your dog's training. In addition to raw hamburger challenge to test the stay, we bring in our bunnies for the real life come and we go off leash in front of a goat on week 6.  To end the program, we hold a picnic week that will test all the skills we've built.  

Frequently Asked Questions
How Old Does My Dog Need To Be?
We take puppies 5 months and older into the program. There is no dog that is too old to attend!
Can My Family Attend?
We love having family attend and learn so there is consistency across the family.  However, we ask that children under 12 stay out of the training area and do not go up to other dogs to say hello. Safety of your littles is important to us!  
How Often Is Class Held?
We meet every week for 1.5 hours for 8 consecutive weeks.  We offer a Spring and Fall Session each year.  We do offer private lessons in our off seasons. 



We Cover Everything You Need 
And More...
Week 1- Focus, Focus, Focus
Week 2- Heel, Sit, Down
Week 3- Sit Stay
Week 4- Down Stay, Come
Week 5- Real Life Come
Week 6- Transition Off-Leash
Week 7 & 8- Off-Leash Practice
Bonus Vault with Behavioral Videos, Live Replays, and More

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