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Scotch Pines Reviews & Customer Experiences

There is nothing that makes us happier than knowing that you & your Dog have what you need to have a happy, healthy life

Breanne A

We were considering behavioral euthanasia and Sarah’s class saved Daisy’s life. Daisy graduated at the top of her class and is the dog I always knew she could be! Sarah gave us the tools we needed to build our relationship with Daisy. I am so glad we decided to enroll. Sarah has given us our life back! I cannot thank her enough.

Lexi and Skye 2017

I’m so very pleased with Sarah and this class. I brought my eighteen month old shelter pup because she was having fear aggression issues- hiding, running, growling at strange people and dogs, etc. Now her fear issues are much more under control; she will heel off leash and walk calmly past all sorts of new things. She’s much happier and I now actually look forward to taking her for walks. Two thumbs way up.

Tara, Tim, Sierra

Hi Sarah! I didn’t get a chance to talk to you last night, but both Jim and myself want to say THANK YOU 🙂 Sierra is so much more confident outside our home now and it’s such a wonderful thing to see. She is able to go out and about with us and she just radiates happiness. This wasn’t Sierra’s first training class and after feeling defeated in her last obedience class we didn’t know what to do. We are so glad we found you and we really can’t thank you enough for what you taught all of us. We are really just amazed at her progress and her reactivity issues are almost non-existent. You’ll be pleased to know that Sierra got so many compliments on her good behavior when we went to the farmers market last week and she was very proud of herself. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wolfgan and Barry—2015 winter

Best training a dog can have! Our dog Barry has improved a lot in little time. Very effective training.

This is the best class!!! My pup is doing so good. Follow Sarah’s program and put in the work and this program works fantastic. Sarah is our 3rd trainer and nothing compares to her😊. Thanks Sarah!

Penny J

Tessa and Koda

Scotch Pines Dog Training took my relationship with my dog from him just being an extra headache to take care of to my buddy. It has given him the freedom to go from being tied up while I was at work all day to being able to come to work with me (I work outside in the agriculture industry).  Koda kind of landed in my lap and I just couldn’t say no, he has always been sweet but when I got him he had had at least 2 owners and had spent a few months at a shelter. He was 3 years old, dog aggressive, and had an “I only hear you when I want to” attitude. Scotch Pines gave me the tools and environment to break his aggression to the point that he could lay down and stay in a group surrounded by 20 other dogs- big ones, little ones, males, females, intact males- with no leash on any of them! He respects me now, when we are walking and he’s sniffing around something nasty, I can tell him to “Leave it” and he does! One of the best fringe benefits that I have come to appreciate is that I can brush his hair while he stands, sits or lays still! Before the class, it turned into play wrestling time, and I just ended up with hair all over me tired of messing with it and he was never brushed out. I heard about Scotch Pines through a mutual friend of Sarah’s and mine, because of my work schedule I could not attend all of the classes. Sarah was training her second dog, Captain and she herself was going through the class again to work towards opening Scotch Pines Denver. She agreed to meet with me outside of class on the weeks that I missed and work with Koda and I on the things covered in class that week. Sarah has a great, positive demeanor and does a great job of explaining what we are doing and why we are implementing each new part of the Scotch Pines Method. She knew when Koda and I both needed encouragement and when we needed a firmer hand. I credit her with our being confident enough to finish the class and our ability to keep up. There was one week when we were especially struggling and she worked with us until we got it down, I think we were working on the placement for Koda heeling. She was tough enough on us that we kept going and she celebrated with us when we got it! Whether your dog has major aggression issues or just likes to pretend he doesn’t hear you sometimes, I would recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training to you! It is an investment of time and money, but I looked at it as an investment in the next 10 years of my life with my dog. He truly is my best buddy now, people often comment on how sweet and calm of a dog he is and how much he just loves me. He loved me before, and I him, but now I know how to be the leader and he wants to please me. I will never have another dog that is out of control, I will go through Scotch Pines with any dog I ever own, whether it is 6 months old or 10 years old. It is worth the effort, you will gain a freedom and a trust with your dog that can’t be matched.

Debisu H

An excellent program for any dog and owner. Old dog to puppy – this class will help train you and your dog. Instructions and practice in each class were clear with individual help as needed. Sarah’s style was perfect – training both owners and dogs!

Allysa, Brysen and Zuri

Such a great training experience! My dog and I were so excited to go to class each week. Whenever we are out in public with my dog everyone is very impressed about how well she listens and how behaved she is. Would definitely recommend! 

Tammi and Pepper

While at the vet today with my 120 pound gladiator dane, Pepper, he commented on how well behaved she was!! She is just 10 months old and has finished Scotch Pines a couple weeks ago. We did the online class and it was fantastic! We were able to practice when it worked for us. Our vet was so impressed he asked how the class was run online. Zoom meeting one hour a week and sending 2-3 Marco polo videos for feedback weekly. It was great! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

Willie A

After only 4 days our puppy is like a new puppy. We tried training her with treats and when she was biting we tried introducing a toy or bone that she was allowed to chew on like all the websites suggested and it just didn’t work. After only 4 days using the training tips Sarah taught us in the puppy class, our Lucy is a joy to be around. Thank you so much! We are excited to get Lucy enrolled in the obedience class as soon as we are able.

Josh W. and Luna

Show your dog how much you love it by getting it professional training. Learning from Sarah at Scotch Pines Dog Training has taught me how to talk, teach & correct my dog in a way that we now have incredible respect for each other. You will learn how to walk your dog properly, get your dog to sit, stay & come on command, control barking, jumping, overall aggression & so much more! I love that when the doorbell rings I can tell my dog to go to her bed & she will! My dog & I loved every minute of Sarah’s classes. Do yourself & your dog a favor & get signed up at Scotch Pines. 

My family and I got 2 puppies at Christmas time and I was kind of in over my head! I have never had dogs before and I had NO clue how to train them or teach them anything! I was referred to Sarah/scotch pines from a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the puppy class and zoom call! I have the videos she has put together to help teach these cute puppies good manners! The videos were extremely helpful to watch because she shows how she trains the puppies and she also puts all of the suggestions/links in there to give you what you need. After having watched the videos and started working with our puppies I was able to write down my questions so when we did our zoom call I could ask all my questions! Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and understanding of what I was asking and needing to do. I am SO pleased with the puppy training that I have received from her and can’t wait to get my puppies well behaved and move on to her off leash training! Thank you Sarah for all of your help, knowledge, and kindness! You are truly amazing!!

Traci P

Bearnson Family 2017

We have taken both of our separately rescued German Shepherds here and it has changed our lives! One had severe separation anxiety and no longer tears the house up or howls for hours on end while we are gone. The other, a 100lb puppy with way too much energy, into everything, jumping, ignoring every command, etc. now lounges around the house and properly greets people when they come over.

When we go on walks I am confident and can trust them to be off leash. They sit when we stop without a command and immediately start up again when we continue walking – right by our side. They can be in a stay and we walk away from them, even go out of sight, and will not move until we call them.

People stop us all the time to give compliments on our well behaved dogs and we owe it all to this class!

Sarah has always been available when we had any questions even when we weren’t in class and we have gone back multiple times for “refresher” courses.

I was pregnant with our first baby when we got the puppy and they both are so sweet and love children. It helped them with the transition and also allowed us to calm them when they got over protective of the baby.

I can’t say enough good things about this course! I recommend it to ANYONE with a dog. Even well behaved dogs will benefit from this class. It is so freeing to be able to trust your dog no matter where you are or who/what comes into contact with us.

Thank you for giving us the tools and knowledge to work with our formerly aggressive bull mastiff, Tobias. Being that we started our first class just a few weeks before Toby turned 7 years old we weren’t sure it would help or be worth our time and money to try to change him. Toby was pretty well set in his ways. I’m so happy we took a chance (or rather gave him the chance) and have been able to spend the time working with him. Thank you for showing us how to “teach an old dog new tricks” per se. We’ve still got some work to do and are looking forward to coming to more classes but wanted to thank you for what you do! Keep up the good work! Regards,

Ryane and Tobias

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I highly recommend Sarah’s online puppy class!!
My german shorthair puppy is very high energy, and we were also having some problems with crate training. The kennel games that the online class describes solved the issue in about two weeks!
As for high energy, the class comes with TONS of ideas (many of which don’t require spending any extra money) to keep your pup entertained and engaged while maintaining basic manners. My two adult dogs love the activities, too.
Though I’m a long-time dog owner, this class offers a ton of insight on things I’ve always had questions about – like the healthiest dog food, the best method for house training, and excessive licking.
The class itself was very helpful and took so little time, considering all I’ve learned. Do yourself and your puppy a major favor – you’ll save all sorts of money and time by taking this class! It’s way better to take this class and save yourself from behavioral issues down the road!
Bailey P

David H

I trained with my cattle dog through Scotch Pines. I highly recommend them to anyone. Their method of training is the best. It’s made the difference between life and death for my dog. Prior to training, she was destined to become a car chaser. Now she heals by my side (off leash!) along busy roadways. She is a loyal companion and goes everywhere with me on my job. I can’t thank Scotch Pines enough!!!

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Macail and Scout

I couldn’t believe how big of a spoiled brat our “sweet boy” was, up until I got DRAGGED into the first class! We have a Weimaraner and they are known to be incredibly intelligent and head strong. The perfect mix for this class. After the first class he was already 50% better, I made it to my car without my arm being dislocated! Sarah is amazing. Somehow she manages to not only help 30 dogs, but their humans as well! I now have a well behaved listening boy thanks to her instructions. I highly recommend her and am planning on taking my new dog to train too.

Lynn B

My little Harley Jo was an obedience school dropout who also went to a very expensive private trainer as well with little to no improvement. I signed up for Scotch Pines with honestly very little expectations. After seven weeks I cannot begin to tell you the difference in my little Frenchie! It is incredible! Not only does Sarah teach you how to work with your dog, she is available for questions, support and encouragement all throughout the training. I highly recommend Sarah and Scotch Pines!!!

Doug & Rebekah and Niko

My husband and I learned about Scotch Pines Dog Training through an ad on Craigslist then researched through their website. Our lab, Niko, was always a good dog, but since taking the class he’s been absolutely wonderful. He listens, comes when called, and knows when to “leave it”. Sarah was such a wonderful trainer and so patient with each of the dogs in our class. We love that we can drop-in to a class at no charge as he is a graduate of the program! We are so glad we took this class and are so excited that we have such a wonderful dog. Thanks, Sarah!

Makenna V and Minnie

We appreciate Scotch Pines Dog Training so much! We were pleasantly surprised with the online course we completed. It helped in more ways than one, even more than what we originally signed on for. We accomplished our goal of basic training and improved behaviors, but also saw our relationship improve as well as strengthen my dog’s confidence. Minnie is naturally timid and cautious but ultimately wants to please and be close to her human. Water is her biggest fear but throughout the course, she trusted me more and trusted herself because of the confidence we established together. She will now willingly and happily splash around in a doggie pool and even lay in it to cool off. This, coming from the dog who would run if I was filling her water bowl. I really enjoyed Sarah’s methods and the way the course was set up. I didn’t know much about heel work but I thoroughly enjoyed it and absolutely love free dog. This course helped me understand my dog in a way I didn’t before. I could go on and on. Thank you Sarah!!!

Brooke B

I absolutely LOVE Sarah. She has helped our fluffy boy in so many ways!! Our dog Arche use to be a HUGE leash puller. He would basically pull me everywhere. He would also chance small animals and cars. Only 5 weeks in with some one on one training and he is the BEST!! No pulling no disobedience, literally the perfect pet. I am so excited about the last few weeks of training as well as the group training. I highly recommend Scotch Pines Training!!
One thing, anyone who is looking to train their dog needs to know, it is a lot of work on your own part!! Sarah is magnificent, but she only gets an hour a week with your dog, and while she does he absolute best during that time, if you want an obedient dog you MUST keep up with the training and do the homework!! It takes time, effort and at times it’s a struggle, BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!

Larissa U

Such a wonderful experience. Not only is Sarah super friendly and understanding but she really knows what she is doing and I am so grateful for her knowledge. We attended the in person class our dog Finn was crazy and would pull me down the block, jump on people when they came in the door and was crazy. Thanks to Sarah and her class we are able to have people over and I can walk my dog without being dragged down the block. She helped us to understand and create a bond with our dog by helping us communicate with him better and tech him to understand what we are trying to tell him to do. I feel more confident in handling and controlling my dog. Sarah has great knowledge and really helped us. I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone. Scotch pines and Sarah are hands down the best around! Larissa Udy

Allison W

I was a “first timer” at Scotch Pines with Della, my French Bulldog. I have always had labs that were pretty trainable with minimal effort. Potty training Della took 3 months and most of the credit went to our chocolate lab, Deuce. I needed help!! I had one immediate goal, I wanted Della to stop jumping on people, including little kids. I was shocked that this issue was resolved after the first class! The training methods taught by Scotch Pines, combined with practicing the homework lessons will have you amazed at your dogs transformation. Scotch Pines turned Della into a well behaved dog, that loves everyone she meets in between her naps, while hanging out at our health food store. Sarah was a fantastic trainer, so much so that Della almost made it in to compete for top dog in class. Not bad for a small breed. This was money very well spent!! Thanks for everything Sarah and Scotch Pines!!

Jennifer C

Having never raised a puppy before I found Sarah’s knowledge and help to be my saving grace. Following thru with the group class has been so worth every penny. I’m still amazed how well the process works. I remember thinking at the start of the class there I no way I’ll feel comfortable walking my dog off leash, yet here I am doing that and so happy it is working. It makes walking and hiking so fun. The group classes bring an element you can’t get working alone, being around all the other dogs training is fabulous and so good for the dogs brain. On top of that Sarah will be there for you even when the class is done. She has a great outlet to allow you to ask questions and get more help if needed. Now, she is trying graduate classes too which is such a great perk from taking her course. Love love love it all. So helpful and fun for the dog to keep growing in a great group environment.

Leland and Sooty June 2022 Online Program

We had hoped to enroll our goldendoodle in the in-person Scotch Pine Dog Training program
but found the class full. Instead, it was suggested that we take their online dog training
program, which we did do. Surprisingly, this turned out to be a great way to train our dog,
The class met once a week in an online classroom where our instructor, Sarah, interacted with
us and helped us understand the training exercises we would do each week. As we worked with
our dogs on the assignments, we took video clips of our training sessions. These we sent to
Sarah who reviewed them promptly and gave us feedback and suggestions to help us improve
our training technique. Class members could also watch these videos, hear the suggestions
made, and learn from them. It was fun to watch and see the improvements the dogs all made.
Sarah was wonderful to work with, friendly, up beat, encouraging and always available. By the
end of the course, I was amazed at how far our dog had come. Not only does she respond to
commands willingly and enthusiastically, but we’ve established an even closer dog-owner bond
than we would have imagined.
Is our dog perfect now? Of course not, but we have the tools to continue working towards that
goal. Should we feel we want to review any of the training techniques, Sarah encourages her
online class participants to review them online, attend an in-person training session or contact
her with questions at no additional cost….How great is that! Sarah is a teacher who really cares
about us feeling comfortable and successful in knowing how to train our own dogs.

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