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Get ready for the pawfect start to your puppy's life with our Puppy Preschool!

Bringing home a new family member is a joyous occasion, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. That's where we come in - our comprehensive course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to set your puppy up for a successful and happy doghood.

Our Puppy Preschool in addition to our "Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood on-demand course," is the ultimate course for new puppy parents! 

During our Puppy Preschool Consult and Online Course you'll unlock the secrets to a successful doghood from day one, create a game plan with your pack, and set your waggy woof up for a lifetime of success.

Book Now and Get the Best of Both Worlds: 1:1 In-Person Puppy Preschool Consult + Online Surviving and Thriving in Puppyhood Course.

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I'm Just Surviving Puppyhood... Can I Really Thrive?

We get it, the struggle is real in puppy parenting...

Brining home a puppy like signing up for a marathon, only to find out your running buddy is a turbocharged furball with a penchant for mischief...


Welcome to the "Before Basics" Stage, 
where we lay the groundwork for your pup's happiness and success. 

Basic Obedience CAN wait...

But it's critical to set the puppy up(and you) for the ride of your life... 


This allows you to fall back on these skills when you hit the ruff patches.

Prioritizing these 5 crucial pillars sets the stage for the puppy's life with you!

  1. Routine, Structure, & Boundaries: The cornerstones that pave the path to a well-adjusted pup.
  2. Proper Socialization: This can't wait. It's not just convenient; it's a key to a confident, balanced dog.
  3. Leadership Skills: Guide your puppy through every twist and turn of puppyhood.
  4. Deep Bonding: Form an unbreakable connection that fuels your journey together.
  5. Calm State of Mind: A cornerstone for harmony, teaching them to navigate life's ups and downs.
We will teach you how to build these skills with your puppy with our Leadership Exercise, Socialization workshop and checklist, and support from our Head Trainer Sarah. 

Our Leadership Exercise is 3 Part Exercise Designed To Help You
Recognize Your Puppy's Potential & Work Towards Helping Them Thrive Within Your Home
Setting The Foundation-- Our Leadership Exercise lays the groundwork for a successful and healthy relationship with your pup. It's all about establishing clear boundaries and expectations, ensuring that your puppy knows you're the one to turn to when issues arise. When we are the "Pack Leader" or utilize Leadership Skills with our puppy, we are able to create a different dynamic within the home. 

Building Trust Through Handling--  We know that handling your pup and ensuring their comfort is essential. Our Leadership Exercise focuses on preparing your pup for handling experiences, fostering trust and cooperation. Whether it's nail trims, ear cleanings, or other routine care, you'll learn how to guide your pup through these activities smoothly, building trust and deepening your bond along the way.

Cultivating a Deep Bond--  One of the most beautiful aspects of our Leadership Exercise is its ability to forge a profound connection between you and your pup. As you progress through the exercise, you'll witness the bond between you and your puppy grow stronger. This deep bond will become the foundation for a lifetime of love, loyalty, and understanding. 

What Does Pack Leadership Mean?

Here Are My Thought's About Leadership & The Role It Plays In Our Puppy's Success In Our Home
Becoming the pack leader means being the person your puppy relies on for support and direction.

 "Leadership" or "Pack Leader" refers to the role and responsibilities of the puppy parent in guiding and nurturing their puppy. 

It is not about dominance or controlling the puppy but rather about establishing oneself as the person the puppy looks up to for guidance, structure, and consistency within the home.

Becoming the pack leader means being the person your puppy relies on for support and direction.

 This involves providing a consistent routine and structure that helps the puppy feel secure and understand what is expected of them.

By assuming the role of the pack leader, you take on the responsibility of being your puppy's primary caregiver and advocate.

As the pack leader, you recognize your puppy's potential and work towards helping them thrive within your home. You become the one who supports their growth and development, both physically and emotionally. This includes providing training, socialization, and the necessary resources to meet their needs.

By embracing the role of the pack leader, you demonstrate a commitment to your puppy's well-being and establish a happy, healthy relationship based on trust.  You and your puppy become a team, working together to create a harmonious and fulfilling life.

"Handle Your Puppy"
How The Leadership Exercise Helps To Socialize To Body Handling Effectively Getting Them Ready For Vet Visits, Grooming Appointments And All The Things You'll Need To Do To Care For Your Pup
Handling your puppy appropriately plays a pivotal role in making vet visits and grooming sessions a more positive experience for everyone involved.

 Here are  reasons highlighting the importance of regular handling:

  •  Regular handling helps your dog become comfortable with being touched and handled, reducing fear and anxiety during veterinary exams and grooming sessions.
  • By regularly handling your dog, you can check for any lumps, bumps, or injuries that may require prompt medical attention
  •  Consistent handling helps desensitize your dog to common grooming and medical procedures, minimizing stress and fear associated with these activities.
  • Through regular handling, you build a strong bond with your dog, increasing trust and cooperation during veterinary and grooming visits, making them smoother and more pleasant.
  • Handling helps prevent your dog from developing aggressive behaviors towards the veterinarian or groomer, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.
  • Regular handling helps you to socialize your puppy to all the grooming and health related responsibilities you will need to do as their puppy parent
  •  Handling your puppy regularly is a crucial aspect of being a responsible puppy parent

Building The Bond With Your Puppy

One of the most beautiful aspects of our Leadership Exercise is its ability to forge a profound connection between you and your pup. As you progress through the exercise, you'll witness the bond between you and your puppy grow stronger. 

This deep bond will become the foundation for a lifetime of love, loyalty, and understanding.

 This exercise becomes a vital part of teaching your pup what a calm state of mind feels like, while building trust not only with you but also with your entire family.

 It's a daily practice that paves the way for a balanced, happy, and well-adjusted adult canine companion.

In Addition to the Leadership Exercise- we help guide you through bringing puppy home, in-depth socialization information, puppy behaviors and much more!

Curious about what's waiting for you and your pup in our exclusive course?

Here's a glimpse of what's inside

🏡 Module 1: The First Steps to Success: Dive into the world of puppy parenting! From setting up a welcoming home to introducing essential routines, we've got you covered.
🐾 Module 2: Building a Confident Canine: Discover the art of socialization and leadership. Learn how to create a pup who's confident, well-mannered, and ready to explore the world.
🚀 Module 3: Problem-Solving Pup Strategies: Tackle those tricky behaviors head-on! From biting to jumping, we're here to guide you through solutions that create a peaceful home.
💡 Paw-some Extras: Gain access to our Calm Canine Workshop and Give Your Dog a Job Workshop and much more! It's all about enhancing the pup-parent bond and making training fun!

Be Proactive---We Need To Prioritize Puppy Parenting

Imagine a world where you and your pup are in sync, communicating effortlessly, and facing life's challenges as a united team. That's the essence of proactive puppy parenting – setting your furry friend up for success, right from the start.

Why Start Early?
Waiting for behavioral problems to surface can lead to frustration for both you and your pup. Our Puppy Course is designed to prevent these issues by focusing on establishing routines, structure, and boundaries during those crucial early months.

The Before Basics Approach
Obedience is important, but what's even more critical is the foundation we lay for our puppies. Our course prioritizes routine, socialization, and boundary-setting as the pillars of a strong dog-human relationship. This approach ensures your pup grows into a well-adjusted, confident companion.

A Journey of Joy
Embrace the joy of proactive puppy parenting – the journey where each milestone becomes an opportunity to connect, understand, and grow with your pup. From the first day at home our course guides you through every step, empowering you to shape your pup's future.

Your Puppy's Best Future
Your pup's future begins with you. By enrolling in our puppy course, you're taking the first step towards a lifetime of joy, companionship, and harmony. We believe that every puppy deserves the best start, and that start begins with you.

Ever wondered why routine benefits both us and our waggy woofs? 

Routine brings stability. For humans and dogs, it sets a rhythm that promotes a sense of security. 

Consistent schedules for meals and activities ensure everyone’s needs are met—leading to less stress(ever been so stressed and realize you were just hangry?) 

Routine fosters learning. Predictable moments become opportunities for growth, making us smarter and better-behaved. 

And the best part? Routine nurtures the bond. Shared activities create strong connections. 

So, routine isn’t just a habit—it’s the cornerstone of a happy life, for both of us.(even when IT’S REALLY HARD to keep up with)

Socializing our puppies involves more than just introducing them to other dogs

 It also includes essential but often overlooked aspects like getting them used to different sights, sounds, and smells. We aim for our dogs to be comfortable with various sensory experiences, even with things like delivery people and objects on wheels such as strollers.  Sometimes we don't realize these needs until problems arise. Here's a list of important things that are commonly missed during the socialization process.

1. Sights - Exploring the World:
  • Take them out to different places to watch things happening around them.
  • Carry them if they're not fully vaccinated yet.
  • Encourage curiosity by letting them observe various things: people, animals, objects.
2. Socialization with Other Animals and Objects:
  • Prey Animals:
    • Allow watching and curiosity without chasing.
  • Delivery Trucks (UPS/FedEx/Mail):
    • Approach and smell the trucks, offer treats if the driver is willing.
    • Important for getting used to delivery personnel and vehicles.
  • Wheeled Objects:
    • Observe various wheeled objects without movement.
    • Approach and sniff items like scooters, wheelchairs, bikes, etc.
3. List of Wheeled Objects to Observe:
  • Scooter
  • Wheelchair
  • Bikes
  • Tri-cycles
  • Kids' cars (driven by children)
  • Skateboard
  • Walker
Remember, this checklist is crucial to help your puppy become well-socialized. The aim is to reduce reactivity and fear in various situations and around different things they might encounter in daily life. It's especially important to complete this socialization process before your puppy turns 16 weeks old.

Be the best Puppy Parent by becoming their go to person

The first few months with your pup shape their journey ahead. Routine, structure, and boundaries give them the tools to be their best selves at home. Socialization isn't just convenient; it nurtures their confidence and resilience.

 Leadership shows them you're their guiding light through thick and thin. Bonding fosters a heart-to-heart connection that forms an unbreakable team. And then, there's calmness—the cornerstone.
Countless dogs struggle with a chaotic mindset. But teaching these values early lays a profound foundation. When obedience training kicks in, you'll see the magic of your work.

We're here to help you craft this strong base. Our on-demand puppy course delves into these five vital aspects to proactively prevent behavioral challenges. Don't wait for issues; be the guiding force your dog deserves.

  Imagine finding that magical spot that turns your pup into a puppy puddle...

There's nothing quite like witnessing the transformation as your puppy enters a state of deep relaxation. 

Part of the Leadership Exercise is puppy massage that allows you to connect and develop a deep bond.  As you gently love on them and have a few moments to chat, you'll feel an unbreakable bond forming between you!

Building a deep connection with your puppy isn't just about warm fuzzies (although those are pretty awesome!). It's like a magic domino effect – when you prioritize bonding, you're setting the stage for smoother training, more harmonious interactions, and a happier, well-adjusted pup overall.

Think about it: a close bond means better communication, easier behavior redirection, and an all-around paw-sitive atmosphere at home. 

So, invest in those snuggles, play sessions, and heart-to-heart talks with your pup. You'll be amazed at how this beautiful bond can create ripples of joy and well-being in every aspect of your life together! 

 Ever wondered why teaching our pups to be calm from the start is a game-changer?

 It's not just about easier walks or less chaos – it's about nurturing their happiness on a whole new level.

 Imagine your puppy's brain– a whirlwind when they freak out at passing dogs or yank you over to say hello. Are they truly enjoying those moments, or do you see discomfort and stress? Reacting to every distraction takes a toll.

When we guide our dogs into a calm mindset, their joy shines through. They explore the world with curiosity, not chaos. It's an investment that pays off!

How to achieve this blissful state? Our Leadership Exercise created by the founders of Scotch Pines Dog Training lay the foundation. Plus, exercise, brain work, impulse control,  tethered stays, and a settle on command work wonders.

 Ready to transform your dog's life? Join our Puppy Course today and unveil the magic of calmness. It's a journey that's challenging but oh-so-rewarding, leading to a happier, more fulfilled furry companion!

In this course, you'll learn how to speak fluent puppy and become the paw-fect parent your furry friend deserves.

Get ready to master the art of socialization, leadership, and boundary-setting, so you can kiss goodbye to puppy problems and say hello to a thriving, tail-wagging pup! 
Module 1: What To Expect When Expecting a Puppy
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Get ready for the pawfect start to your puppy's life with "What to Expect When Expecting a Puppy" module! You'll unlock the secrets to a successful doghood from day one, create a game plan with your pack, and set your furry friend up for a lifetime of success. 
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