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Testimonials & Featured Clients

After only 4 days our puppy is like a new puppy. We tried training her with treats and when she was biting we tried introducing a toy or bone that she was allowed to chew on like all the websites suggested and it just didn't work. After only 4 days using the training tips Sarah taught us in the puppy class, our Lucy is a joy to be around. Thank you so much! We are excited to get Lucy enrolled in the obedience class as soon as we are able.

Willie A

My family and I got 2 puppies at Christmas time and I was kind of in over my head! I have never had dogs before and I had NO clue how to train them or teach them anything! I was referred to Sarah/scotch pines from a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the puppy class and zoom call! I have the videos she has put together to help teach these cute puppies good manners! The videos were extremely helpful to watch because she shows how she trains the puppies and she also puts all of the suggestions/links in there to give you what you need. After having watched the videos and started working with our puppies I was able to write down my questions so when we did our zoom call I could ask all my questions! Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and understanding of what I was asking and needing to do. I am SO pleased with the puppy training that I have received from her and can’t wait to get my puppies well behaved and move on to her off leash training! Thank you Sarah for all of your help, knowledge, and kindness! You are truly amazing!!

Traci P

Having never raised a puppy before I found Sarah's knowledge and help to be my saving grace. Following thru with the group class has been so worth every penny. I'm still amazed how well the process works. I remember thinking at the start of the class there I no way I'll feel comfortable walking my dog off leash, yet here I am doing that and so happy it is working. It makes walking and hiking so fun. The group classes bring an element you can't get working alone, being around all the other dogs training is fabulous and so good for the dogs brain. On top of that Sarah will be there for you even when the class is done. She has a great outlet to allow you to ask questions and get more help if needed. Now, she is trying graduate classes too which is such a great perk from taking her course. Love love love it all. So helpful and fun for the dog to keep growing in a great group environment.

Jennifer C.


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