It is the back-to-school season for everyone! Join us in one of our Programs and bring your pup through their whole education, kindergarten through college, in one class! All the basics on and off leash all in only eight weeks! We bring our expertise and unique method to teach you how to connect with your woof.  We are here to take your relationship to the next level and strengthen and deepen the bond you already share!

We are starting our last programs for the year and will finish just in time for you to enjoy your relationship differently throughout the busy holiday season!

In-Person Program held in Idaho Falls Starts September 10th!

Our In-Person Program is unlike any other program you’ve seen or experienced, we take you through your general obedience commands and cover the typical behavioral issues, but we do this alongside 30 other dogs and their owners. Then we throw in raw hamburger tests, a bunny rabbit, a goat, tennis balls, canned cat food, and other fun things to test your dog’s training without using dog cookies.  

Imagine walking up to check in with your dog on week 1; there are 30 dogs, and usually, about 60 people join in a class(and any graduates), so as you can imagine, it may feel a bit overwhelming and chaotic. Dogs pull their owners into class, and you can feel the excitement level rise as more and more people show up with their dogs.

 Within a few minutes of class, we see a calm set in throughout the class, and then we see the magic of week one as we start building the most significant and crucial step of the whole program.

Week 1, we play a game with our dogs, teaching them we are the best thing in their life. We start to build a connection with our dog and change the relationship’s dynamic for the better. It’s a magical week, especially when you walk your dog back to your car after class and they aren’t pulling you all over! 

We meet for eight weeks, where you will learn the weekly lesson in class and access a video library and forum to review and ask questions about your training throughout the week. In addition, Sarah is there to work with you in class and answer weekly questions on a group forum. 

Class is held every Saturday for eight weeks! We have a 9 am, 11:30 am or 1:30 pm start time!

Are you ready to take your training to the next level!? 

Join us for our last In-Person Program of the year! Spots are limited!

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Online Program starts on September 13th! 

How do you train a dog virtually? Is that even a thing? Can you be successful? 

YES!  Over this past year, we have successfully graduated three online programs. 

The kinds of results our clients have seen in our online programs first shocked us because in-person programs are successful because of how they are set up with big distractions. However, in both programs, we have repeatedly seen that the factor that produces the most success is how committed you are to the process and using the things we teach you between sessions, not how you receive the instruction. 

The feel of the Online Program is different than our In-Person Program. We aren’t there providing you with the distractions and large group setting.

Our Online Program is geared toward offering you the freedom of training your dog from the comfort of your home and in a small group setting. A small group allows you to experience the same training method in a more in-depth manner. Sarah guides you through the method on the weekly zoom calls, utilizing videos she walks you through, stops to explain, and shows again. We like to have watched the videos and practiced the skills before the call so that we can cover your specific questions with your dog in real-time. The other fantastic thing the Online Program offers is training support throughout the week. You can send videos for feedback as you work with your dog. There is 

discussion and training support through videos throughout the week.

All the ways you can access support throughout the week are the most significant benefit of our online program.  (The biggest perk is if you live in the Idaho Falls area, you can attend an in-person session as a graduate after completing the online program!)

See how amazing the experience of training your dog in a different setting can change how you work together as a team! Our last Online Program of the year starts on September 13th at 7 pm MST!

Sign up today to hold your spot!

Sarah sitting with German Shepherd puppy Billie Bones

 What makes Sarah and Scotch Pines Different?

Everything we do at Scotch Pines is designed to take you through our unique dog training method:

  1. Understand Commitment & Structures for Success
  2. Teach Behaviors & Expectations to Your Dog
  3. Use Healthy Correction & Praise
  4. How to Move Forward with More Freedom for You & Your Dog
  5. The Ultimate Goal Off-Leash(if that’s what you really want)
  6. SUPPORT YOU! You are learning along with your dog-we want to set you up for success!

Sarah will be with you as you begin your training journey with your dog! Her favorite part of her job is watching the progression from week 1 to week 8. She walks you through the process and teaches you how to work with and train your dog! Sarah is committed to your success; she will be with you through the good and bad, twists and turns, celebrating your successes and listening and encouraging you when things feel hard.

Join the Scotch Pines Family Today

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Sneak Peak Program Schedule for 2023

We close our programs for the holidays!

 We are still open for our Puppy Manners Couse and 1:1 consultations for the rest of 2022, however, our group programs that meet weekly will resume in 2023.

Our Online Program will resume with a session starting in January and March.  Our tentative start date will be January 9th -February 27th. 7 pm MST.  March tentative start date is March 6th-April 24th. 7 pm MST.  Registration will post on November 30th for our January Session. Watch the website for early bird specials!

Our In-person Program is run twice a year in Idaho Falls. 

We hold a Spring and Fall Session.

We tentatively will schedule our Spring 2023 Session to start on April 1st-May 20th! Ending just in time for you to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with your newfound (and hard-worked for) off-leash freedom! Registration will post on February 1st, 2023

Our Fall Session will start September 9th – October 28th ending right in time for the busy holiday season! Registration will open on July 30th, 2023.

Woof ya Later, 


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