Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood

How the on-demand Course Works?

We can raise our puppies better.  Our training mission is to help you and as many puppy parents out there to raise well-balanced dogs– because not only is your life better— your dog’s life is better.

Through this on-demand puppy manners course, join our trainer Sarah, who has trained thousands of dogs, as she gives you the information and details you need to know to support your puppy and your long-term happiness.

This course includes 2 hours of training videos to help you understand the behavior and what you can do to help them learn appropriate behaviors.

We want you to know how to address these behaviors before they become habits for your puppy. It is easier to correct or redirect a behavior than correct a habit.

Don’t forget that this program has an option that includes a 30 Minute Zoom Consultation to address questions after you have completed the training. You also have to complete a registration form in advance for this consultation.

This Course will give you what you need to know to teach your puppy:

  •  That jumping up is wrong.
  • That mouthing and biting is unwanted.
  • That there is an expectation, they don’t pee in the house.
  • That barking excessively is annoying to you.
  • You don’t want them on the furniture or not to jump the countertops or get into the trash.
  • When you leave and come home is not a big deal.
  • To be still or calm.
  • How to love their kennels (unless you’ve got an excellent breeder doing hard work behind the scenes)
  • How To Socialize quickly and effectively
  • The “cute” puppy things they do now, won’t be so “cute” when they weigh 80 pounds.
  • And So Much More!



Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood On-Demand

Course Options $99 to $149

Through this on-demand puppy manners course, join our trainer Sarah, who has trained thousands of dogs, as she gives you the information and details you need to know to support your puppy and your long-term happiness.  

This course includes over 2 hours of training videos and guides to help you understand the behavior and what you can do to help them learn appropriate behaviors.

We want you to know how to address these behaviors before they become habits for your puppy.  It is easier to correct or redirect a behavior than correct a habit.  




We understand the difficulty of living with a puppy that is out of control and has no chill factor. Preparation and research are great tools, but they will only get you so far. Before you know it, you are in over your head, and those Youtube and TikTok videos you have been trying still aren’t working, and you aren’t sure where your training is falling apart.

What you teach a puppy will become how it behaves as it becomes an adult dog.

This is where we come in. We know the wonderful feeling of having a puppy you truly enjoy having around. We want to teach your puppy to respect the boundaries you put in place so you can find joy instead of stress when you take your puppy home to their forever home.

It’s your job to help your puppy learn what you expect and want. Every owner is different, and even the experiences puppies have before you own them can influence their behaviors and entire life later on.

blond hair 18 month old boy in an orange shirt looking down and a golden retriever puppy sitting in his lap



Teach them they shouldn't jump on people and things.


Teach them to settle down in their bodies and just be.


Teach them where to potty when they’re being housebroken. The time now means less time and frustration later.


Teach them appropriate behaviors and how to stop certain behaviors on cue


To teach them what you want/expect, they can’t read your mind either.


To teach your dog that mouthing and biting are never acceptable ways to interact with ANY human.


Provide your dog with a strong, but a kind leader to set them up for success within your home and family structure.


Teach your dog that being handled correctly and gently is okay. If you start enforcing this on day one, your life will be easier for years and years(especially if you have a giant breed). Your groomer and vet will thank you!


Research, your dog's breed and be ready to accept that some of the qualities of their breed are things you may never “get rid of”.


Always have realistic expectations for your dog, as well as yourself.


Understand that each and every dog is different.


Communication, fulfillment, and a meaningful life are important to your dog and essential in their training being successful and lasting.


To make sure their life is fulfilling so they can be happy. (This keeps behaviors we don’t want from developing.)


The biggest job you have is to socialize your dog correctly, and within the time frame in which they learn best. (Avoiding heartache and headaches later.)

Being a responsible pet owner means teaching and guiding your new puppy as they learn your expectations for their behavior. Training a puppy is a BIG JOB, but after the dust settles, you will thank yourself for getting through it, and your dog will too! 


Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood Course 

It is important to have a realistic expectation of raising a puppy. There will still be times it feels frustrating–raising a puppy can be HARD! To get the relationship you want with your dog, you have to put the time and work into training them. It takes practice for them to know and learn what you expect from them, and they will never learn if you do not show them over and over. You will also have breed-specific traits and personalities to take into the equation. Then, it is up to you to help them grow and become excellent doggy companions and canine citizens who can go where you want to them without them making a fuss or creating chaos. 

We know that the work and practice are worth it because our clients and their dogs have seen incredible results over the years. 

Empathize with you in the struggle that raising a puppy is hard

Give additional advice and remind you to trust the process when it’s taking some time.

Be Kind to Yourself Through Each Step

Be here to support and cheer you on to keep practicing!

Rely on you to be consistent and committed to your dog.

Help you stay positive through puppy raising.

Establish & Have Clear Communication - When you ask Sarah about something you are struggling with, she will ask you what you are doing, applying, and practicing. If you haven’t implemented the methods taught you yet, she will ask you to watch the videos and practice before giving you any other feedback. (This would be like asking for support on how to drive your car, but you have only ever ridden in the passenger seat. You have to actually drive the car to learn how to drive a car.)


Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood On- Demand Course 

FAQ: Why would I buy a puppy class when there are so many free resources out there?

We know how frustrating and exhausting it is to have a puppy that is more than you expected, and the struggle is real! This puppy manners course makes it easier for you to follow through and stay consistent with your puppy, even when things get hard, and in return, gives you and your puppy an enjoyable and fulfilling life together! 

Ultimately, we know that happy puppies become happy dogs and happy dogs create happy homes.

If there is one thing I need to do in the puppy stage, what would it be?

Socialization before four months! Your life will be so much easier if it is done correctly. Socialization is more than people and dogs–you need to take into account sights, smells, sounds, and specific people and different types of dogs-not just a free for all! Socialization should be well controlled and well thought out! We have a guide for it, so you know exactly what you need to do and how many times they need to be exposed. 


My puppy came home perfect and obedient–now they are not! Why?

 At 12 weeks, puppies hit their first teenage stage. Before that, they typically are well-mannered  (not always) and want to do what you ask. Structure and consistency are so important throughout the dog’s life, but ESPECIALLY during the teenage stages. It’s important that you make sure they know what you expect of them and remain consistent with what you expect, you will get it and they will grow out of this stage if you work with them through it. 

I’ve been working through the puppy class homework and have completed the consult-I’ve run into an issue with a few things–can I still get help?

Yes! Please feel free to contact me through the forum or via email for any questions or help you may need from the listed information. We are here to support you on your training journey.

It’s Easy to Get Started on the Path to a Happier Puppy and a Happier Home 

1. Sign Up for the On-Demand Surviving & Thriving in Puppyhood Course

2. Get Access within 1 business day.

3. Complete the Training Videos

4. Schedule Your 30-Minute Consultation (We know if you haven’t watched the videos, you will not get the full value of this program unless you watch them before this call;)

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

6. Support Your Puppy as they Grow into a Healthy Happy Dog

7. Get Additional Support & Training as You See Fit

In the Puppy Surviving & Thriving In Puppyhood On-Demand Course and any of our programs, you can count on us to provide you with the know-how and the steps to teach you how to communicate with your dog from the very beginning, so they know what you expect from them. As you do the work and implement the training, your puppy becomes more than your child; they become your dog, creating an incredible bond between you and man or woman’s best friend.



I highly recommend Sarah’s online puppy class!!

My german shorthair puppy is very high energy, and we were also having some problems with crate training. The kennel games that the online class describes solved the issue in about two weeks!

As for high energy, the class comes with TONS of ideas (many of which don’t require spending any extra money) to keep your pup entertained and engaged while maintaining basic manners. My two adult dogs love the activities, too.

Though I’m a long-time dog owner, this class offers a ton of insight on things I’ve always had questions about – like the healthiest dog food, the best method for house training, and excessive licking.

The class itself was very helpful and took so little time, considering all I’ve learned. Do yourself and your puppy a major favor – you’ll save all sorts of money and time by taking this class! It’s way better to take this class and save yourself from behavioral issues down the road!

Bailey P

My family and I got 2 puppies at Christmas time and I was kind of in over my head! I have never had dogs before and I had NO clue how to train them or teach them anything! I was referred to Sarah/scotch pines from a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the puppy class and zoom call! I have the videos she has put together to help teach these cute puppies good manners! The videos were extremely helpful to watch because she shows how she trains the puppies and she also puts all of the suggestions/links in there to give you what you need. After having watched the videos and started working with our puppies I was able to write down my questions so when we did our zoom call I could ask all my questions! Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and understanding of what I was asking and needing to do. I am SO pleased with the puppy training that I have received from her and can’t wait to get my puppies well behaved and move on to her off leash training! Thank you Sarah for all of your help, knowledge, and kindness! You are truly amazing!!

 Traci A. 


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