I love this puppy so much! Why do I feel like I made a huge mistake?!

Puppy Blues— I’ve had them multiple times; I just didn’t know that what I was feeling had a name or was common in new puppy parents!

Bringing home a puppy is exciting! We expect that our puppy will fit in perfectly with our family. We did ALLLLLLLL the research, we were READY, and now we are rethinking if we were in our right mind… if this is something we really actually wanted….. I believe it is really important to talk about this! When we know and understand why we might be feeling like this, we can reduce feeling like re-homing the puppy is the best option. (There are situations that I do think re-homing can and should be done for, and you know what you’re going through best…you get to make that call for you and your family.)

With the Puppy Blues, we may feel

**Regret for bringing puppy home

**Feeling the need to rehome puppy

**Feeling like you’re failing puppy

**Overwhelmed with all we have to do to care for puppy

**Wishing you had your “pre-puppy life” back

**Frustrated that no one else Is Helping take care of the puppy

**Alone in our struggle

**Embarrassed that we are struggling with something we wanted so badly

I’ve never heard the term Puppy Blues before…

Not many people talk about the “Puppy Blues,” but what I’ve seen and heard over and over again(as well as experienced myself) is that people need SUPPORT! They need to be heard and made to feel like they aren’t a terrible person for feeling this way…So if someone tells you they regret their puppy, or they are so overwhelmed they don’t think they can do it anymore… support them, don’t shame them…

I am here to offer my experience as a trainer but also my support as someone that deeply understands this feeling and as someone that has had to fight hard to bond with puppies… Reach out! I am here to listen.

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