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The Most Successful Online Dog Training Obedience Program

Our 8-week online obedience program makes it easy to train your dog from home. A happy dog makes a happy home. This program will empower you to teach your dog what you expect and need from them, get your dog to listen and understand you, and build a relationship and connection with your dog that might seem like it’s not possible now.

These programs are smaller than our in-person programs, and we also provide you with 1:1 feedback between sessions. This program will teach you what you need to know to train your dog so they listen, and you will both be happier.

8-Week Online & Live Zoom Obedience Programs – $699

Our online course allows you to take your relationship with your dog to a new level and provides you with the structure and guidance to achieve your goals.

The kinds of results our clients have seen in our online programs first shocked us because we have been doing in-person for so long. However, in these programs, we have repeatedly seen that the factor that produces the most success is how committed you are to the process and using the things we teach you between sessions.


It’s the mindset + weekly training + consistent actions + willingness to learn & implement that = the dog trained how you want. We cannot train your dog without you! 

Our clients know that this process only works when they put in the time and effort. At the end of the day, we want your dog to listen to you; since they live with you and you are their owner, it’s more important that they have respect and trust you. So we train you to train your dog with the unique Scotch Pines Method. 

Are you ready to have your dog listen, follow instructions, and in-turn love and respect you too? 

8 Weeks of Training to Your Dream Dog From The Comfort of Your VERY OWN Home

Our Online Dog Training Obedience Program is perfect for those who don’t live here in Idaho Falls, ID, or do not want to leave the house for training. This program is also more personalized to your needs and in a smaller group to ensure you receive the highest quality and support.

Since we are not in person, we utilize Marco Polo to share short videos of you and your dog using the training, which will give you specific support through the program for the most success. These videos don’t need to be long, less than 2 minutes, and for your best success, we like to see one video of you practicing after the instructional videos. You can submit two more after the live zoom call. We also schedule one 15 minutes private training session to provide feedback in real-time via Marco Polo.

These videos will help us gauge your progress and give you feedback every step of the way. All videos stay private between you, the group you are in, and our team, so there is no need to worry about them being used anywhere else. (We do ask to share and brag about you! But it is never something we do without your consent)

In our experience, communication and consistency are key when training your dog, so if you miss two live programs in a row without notifying us, you will be removed from our training course. 

We accept all dogs into our online program; however, if you have a dog that is aggressive or displaying aggressive behaviors, please know that we will not address the aggressive behaviors in this program. If you are looking for training specifically for aggression, there are other Scotch Pines Trainers here in Idaho that we can refer you to or search for a qualified trainer in your area to help you in person!

This Program Includes

  • Instructional Videos to Know What to do to Train Your Dog (10-30 Minutes Each Week) 
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A Zoom Calls for Support, Clarity, and Feedback (1 hour Each Week) 
  • A Support Group Marco Polo channel where you can share up to 1 short video recordings a day to Help with Your Techniques & Training Guidance 
  • One 15 Minute 1:1 Q&A Feedback Session is scheduled on the week you want extra help.

How Can Online Training Be Successful?

This program is perfect if you have a puppy that struggles to stay focused for long periods, puppies not old enough to get out and about due to vaccination status, and people who cannot or do not want to wait for an in-person program.

The best part is that you don’t have to live locally to attend this program and help your dog become the best canine companion you trust to take with you because they listen no matter what.

You don’t need us to meet your dog in person because the way we designed our online program, you get what you need, which means they will get what they need too, as long as you implement what we teach you.

We will take you through the whole process and the exact same Scotch Pines Method we use with our in-person classes.

The Scotch Pines Method has been used with thousands of dog owners since 1993. It is designed to empower you to train your dog, even virtually, and focuses on providing you with the tools and training you need to create fulfillment for you and your dog to thrive together. Because we teach you how to train your dog, this teaches your dog to listen to you no matter what.

We bring 8 years of personal experience and the tried and proven Scotch Pines Method to the table to teach you how to:


Teach Your Dog What You Expect from Them So They Know How to Behave Consistently


Realign Your Focus So Your Dog Trusts You While You Train Them


Develop Mutual Respect


Keep Your Dog Focused When They’re Faced with Distractions


Get Your Dog to Listen to You


Keep Your Dog Safe


Have Your Dog Follow Your Commands - Come, Sit, Stay, Heel, Down, and Bonus Commands


Teach Your Dog to Calm & Settle


Take Your Dog Off-Leash without Fear or Hesitation


Trust Your Dog Around Other Dog(s) & Humans


Have a Happy Life with Your Dog(s) by Your Side

Our programs will give you everything you need to go from being a frustrated dog owner to having a loving relationship with your dog. We are here every step of the way, and if you feel frustrated, we have you and your dogs back 100%.

What We Expect From YOu When You Participate In Our Programs

Like any new skill, you get the best results when you commit to the process. 

Training a dog to listen takes lots of repetition, just like strengthening your body, learning to juggle, and doing something that takes dedication and focus. So as you follow our online program and put in the time and effort, you are well on your way to having a well-trained dog that listens the first time you ask for the rest of their lives.  

Remember that when you show up, you are helping your dog as much as you are helping yourself. 

Training Your Dog for 30 Minutes a Day

Follow the Training

Be Kind to Yourself Through Each Step

Lean Into the Experience

Showing Up Prepared for Class (Equipment, Focused, Ready to Learn)

If you’ve never done dog training, let alone online, it’s normal to be unsure of what to expect, but rest assured that the benefits and Scotch Pines Method works online as well as it does in person as long as you are committed to the program and process.

Once you decide if our training method is the right fit, you can sign up for the next available online program.

Then the magic starts.

It’s Easy to Get Started on the Path to a Happier Dog and a Happier Home

1. Look at Our Online Schedule
2. Pick the Program for You
3. Complete Your Registration & Payment
4. Purchase the Tools You Need for the Program (We Send You a List & All the Details)
5. Watch the Instructional Videos Each Week
6. Show Up for Each Class
7. Practice Between Sessions & Submit Your Videos
8. Graduate
9. Happy Dog(s) = Happy Humans
Once you register & pay for your spot you are in the class, and your spot is secured.

Frequently asked questions About Online Dog Training Program from scotch pines Dog Training

What is the minimum age for dogs to participate in your program?

Our online training is available for puppies starting at three months old. You can adjust the training sessions to fit your dog’s attention span based on what is appropriate for their age. 


Are older dogs welcome in online training?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we know better. Any age can be trained if given the proper tools, time, and consistency. We’ve had dogs 12 years old in our program that graduated and went on to spend the rest of their lives being the best canine companion they could be!

Do you offer refunds?

We never want to see you or your dog in a training that isn’t the right fit for you which is why we have a no questions asked refund policy available up to one week from your start date.

Is there an age requirement for handlers?

We believe that responsible pet ownership can start at a young age, 12 to be exact! Therefore, we welcome our younger pet owners to take this program, leave the frustration behind, and raise excellent canine citizens with whom they can genuinely enjoy and grow.

What do we do if we have to miss a live training?

We understand things come up, and life can get messy; if you cannot attend one of our live online sessions, please contact us as soon as possible. If you miss two consecutive programs without contacting us, we will have to drop you from our course. Consistency is vital for your dog’s success. Sessions are recorded and added to our video library.

Can you hold a spot for me?

The only way to guarantee a spot in any of our programs you must complete your registration and payment. Payment secures your spot.


Such a positive experience! I am so grateful for Sarah and her knowledge. Took the online course and followed up at the in person class. Following the program gave me the results I was hoping for. My puppy Echo is well behaved off leash and has more confidence in herself. I loved seeing my dog understand my commands a really respond in a fantastic way. It's a time commitment but the results are for sure worth it. The first time she was off leash and in a dangerous situation I asked her to sit and stay from about 100 yards away, she was still as a statue until I released her. The relief I found in her being able to understand me and obey was worth all the effort and time. Can't recommend the program and Sarah enough. Kari Mortensen

This is the best class!!! My pup is doing so good. Follow Sarah’s program and put in the work and this program works fantastic. Sarah is our 3rd trainer and nothing compares to her. Thanks Sarah! Penny Barker

I was at my wits end with my corgi-heeler mix. He’s smart, stubborn, and loves to be alpha. He was so destructive and would not listen well! When I contacted Sarah I was borderline thinking he needed parents who could help him in ways I couldn’t. She helped me gain control and give him stability in his life. Which has created a huge bond between us. He listens, respects me and has made a 180° change. Thank you Sarah, can’t wait to see you again in group classes! Morgan Jackman

Registration is open for Our January 3rd and February 10th sessions

Class Limited to 10 people

Class Dates

January: 7-8pm MST and 8-9pm MST

Jan. 3rd, Jan. 10th, Jan. 17th, Jan. 24th, Jan. 31st, Feb. 7th, Feb. 21st, Feb. 28th

February: 10-11am MST

Feb. 10th, Feb. 17th, Feb.  24th, March 3rd

March 10th, March 17th, March 24th, March 31st



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