Scotch Pines Dog Training

We train you to train your dog because you are the one that are with them all the time. We empower you to build a relationship and bond with your dog so that you both have trust, respect, and love.

The Scotch Pines Method: Empowering you to build the best relationship with your dog

Scotch Pines Dog Training was established in 1993 and is the largest dog training school in Idaho. For the past 19 years, Scotch Pines has grown from a hometown program started in the Boise area to two additional franchises that cover the Magic Valley and SouthEast Idaho.

To become part of this franchise, I was an apprentice under April Jantz for two years and began my franchise in 2015.

Everything we do at Scotch Pines is designed to take you through our unique dog training method:

  1. Understand Commitment & Structures for Success
  2. Teach Behaviors & Expectations to Your Dog
  3. Use Healthy Correction & Praise
  4. How to Move Forward with More Freedom for You & Your Dog
  5. The Ultimate Goal Off-Leash

Regardless of the program you work with us in, we will bring you what you need to know at each stage of this method. However, some of our more foundational courses, like puppy manners, will not take you through the entire method because your dog needs to be at least five months old to go through our obedience training programs or courses.

Overall, you can count on us to work with you and your dog so that you will learn how to train your dog because at the end of the day, your dog will need to listen and trust you.

Scotch Pines Dog Training existed long before I Became a Trainer

My first experience with Scotch Pines Dog Training was ten years ago, in 2012. Through extensive research and years of training in 4-H,  I decided I could confidently raise a German Shepherd.

I brought home a beautiful German Shepherd named Billie Bones, and she ended up being more than I expected. We both struggled to connect and set up and follow through with boundaries. I was using every tool I had learned throughout the years, and it wasn’t working. As you can imagine, this made my life a nightmare(and it was). So, after being judgmentally asked if I ever planned on training my dog at a local pet store,  I looked for a solution and found Scotch Pines Dog Training in Twin Falls, ID.

At first, I was skeptical about the approach, but as Billie and I practiced, learned, and grew together, it changed everything. Over time, I had a dog trained so well that I could take her anywhere.

Billie became my best friend, she was my soul dog, and we were deeply connected. She was a forever learner, but the training gave us the tools to be happy together. Unfortunately, we lost her to aggressive cancer seven short years after joining our family.

After seeing such an amazing and drastic transformation, I knew I wanted to share this approach with others, so they didn’t have to struggle anymore and could have a better relationship with their dog.

I contacted April Jantz, the owner of The Scotch Pines Method, completed a 2-year apprenticeship in 2013, and started my franchise.

Our franchise started in 2015 in Idaho Falls, and we are now offering classes online with in-person classes in the spring and fall located in Idaho Falls, ID.

Our Mission & Vision

Scotch Pines Dog Training exists to give you the training tools and resources to empower you to take better care of your dogs.

Throughout our training, deeper relationships and bonds with your dog will be created, giving you the relationship you have always envisioned with your dog.

We know that when your dog is happy, you are happy. By helping as many people as possible know how to take care of and train their dogs, we give dog owners more time to focus on enjoying their dogs instead of feeling frustrated and at the end of their rope.

Our Core Values

Teach with Kindness & Firmness

We use a no-nonsense, no-coddling, and no excuses approach throughout each training. We correct after setting behavior expectations on an as-needed basis, especially with “the big things” like off-leash rules.

You can count on us to be there during the hard times, celebrate your wins, and help instruct you on how to change your relationship with your dog. It’s important to understand these changes can take time, and when they don’t happen overnight, the key is to continue to practice, get support, and practice some more.

Process is Designed for You & Your Dogs to Win

When you begin training, we know how excited you are, and we don’t want to see that excitement go away. But, just like learning any new skill, there are ups and downs and lessons to be learned along the way. 

We teach this process in this specific way because it is highly effective. As you face the hard times and trust that this process is for you to have the best results possible, remember that the quality of your dog’s life and your life will go up. 

In difficult moments, we ask that you take time to remember where you started and your goals, as this will help you keep taking steps to continue improving and building that relationship with your dog. 

You will get the results you want with hard work, consistency, and trusting the process.

If It’s Not a Good Fit for You, It’s Not a Good Fit For Us

We understand that our methods aren’t the right fit for everyone, and that’s okay! However, we value your thoughts on the methods your dog is trained with and will always be transparent with the way our classes look and how it runs so that you aren’t spending money to have your dog in a situation you aren’t comfortable with.

Our Part + Your Part = Success

We bring our expertise; you bring the excitement to learn and grow! By showing up, following the process, and practicing between sessions, you are doing your part to help your dog be successful. You can count on us to bring our expertise, support you, and answer any questions you may have at the beginning of each session and throughout the week. We will always be direct with you and let you know if you need to spend more time working on what we are teaching and why you are not getting results. This method and process are proven and will work as long as you work the process!


Enjoy the Process, Don’t Overthink It

Perfection isn’t our goal. It’s important to remember that we have been training dogs for years, so it can be easier for us to get your dog to do something specific. We are here to provide you with the ability to work through the issues you’re coming to class to address. Everyone is here for a different reason, don’t get caught in the comparison trap. You and your dog are both learning, so give yourself a break if it’s not perfect!

You Are a Part of the Scotch Pines Family

Once you attend one of our training, you are a part of the Scotch Pines Family, and your dog is never forgotten. We make it a point to remember each dog’s name as they go through our programs.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key to your long-term success with your dog(s). Therefore, we ask that you be committed to the process and consistent no matter your program. This looks like showing up for class ready to learn, asking questions, and practicing between classes. You can count on us to be consistent and help you through the process, and your consistency will also create a new foundation and relationship with your dog. 

Let yourself and those in your household who handle your dog practice consistency daily by following our program and watching your dog’s behavior improve!

Hard Work Pays Off

Anything worth doing well takes hard work, practice, and a little bit of time. But, if you’re coming to us, you care about your dog and felt the training was worth the investment. So skip the extra episode of your favorite show and instead give that 30-minutes to your dog’s training each day.

You will be surprised at how much 30 minutes a day can help you and help your dog.

Meet our Team

Sarah – The Ultimate Trainer

On any given day, you will find Sarah planning her future classes, answering client questions on Marco polo, and posting on social media. She loves helping dogs and people have better relationships and lives through the training programs we offer. She enjoys adventuring with Joseph and her two kids when Sarah isn’t training. Hiking, Kayaking, and exploring new areas bring her joy! Taking her dogs on adventures is one of her favorite side effects of training!

Joseph – The Support Genius

Joseph helps Sarah with lots of different things behind the scenes. This looks like listening to your concerns and answering questions during times Sarah is busy training, briefing Sarah on all questions asked and his answers so she can reach out if she has more information to give. He also helps by taking pictures and videos of progress and keeping Sarah smiling. He also uses business knowledge to help things run smoothly throughout the sessions.



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