Tip 1:

Everyone will have an opinion about what you should do and how you should be doing it in regard to your dog.  The beautiful thing is, you get to find what works for you and go for it!! There will be a training program out there that will meet your needs and utilize a method you feel comfortable with. 

Tip 2:

Obedience training makes your life easier in the long run; however, setting up a routine and schedule from day one is the key to helping everything run more smoothly. Here is our potty training guide! This has an excellent schedule you can follow and apply for dogs of any age!

Tip 3:

The puppy stage and adolescent stage are HARD! The first couple of years with your puppy will be ups and down, with huge learning leaps and backslides in the skills you’ve taught. Knowing and understanding the life stages helps you stay consistent when your pup pushes every button you have. 

Our Puppy Course goes over all the life stages and gives support to raise a happy, healthy puppy.

Tip 4:

 Have a support system! Sometimes in the ruff patches, a good vent session can help! You’ll also hear others’ stories and know you’re not alone in the struggle. Join Our Scotch Pines Dog Training I Helping Puppy Parents Raise Wonderful Woof’s FREE support group!

Tip 5:

Build a deep bond with your dog! You are their whole world; work hard to include them in everyday family activities and enjoy all the adventures! There is so much joy our dogs bring us! Along with the joy, they will help you learn so much about yourself!

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