1:1 Consultation

Sometimes in our programs, our clients need additional support. We have this consultation available to give you a place to express your needs and concerns. We are here to listen and set up a plan for you to follow for your specific needs.

During a Consultation, you will get my undivided attention

On this zoom call, we will talk about your concerns and challenges. We then will help you develop a plan on what to do to help you accomplish your goals with your dog over the next month.

Each consultation includes one – 50 minutes Zoom Call, Email Support for 1 Month to Make Sure You Have What You Need to Address Your Household Issues and a written plan to follow.


What Can I Expect to Cover on a Call?

This call can address most behavioral issues (we do not address aggression in any form on these calls) and big questions you have. You are welcome to set up eight consults in a row for private obedience lessons. (We do not troubleshoot obedience or random commands unless you are a graduate and have already built the foundation from our Obedience Courses.)

Is There Anything we won't address?

We no longer work with aggressive behaviors as we feel this should be addressed in person rather than online (especially with severe aggression); however, other Scotch Pines Trainers in Twin Falls and Boise do so. If you live elsewhere, look for a qualified trainer in your area to help you develop a plan specific to your needs. 

What if I want to work specifically on Obedience, can I do private lessons on Zoom?

Please let us know if you want private training where we give you our undivided attention. We have a 1:1 Obedience 8-Week Program available for those who want or need it.

You Can Count on Us to Support You

Ultimately, we want you and your dog to be happy, respect, and listen to one another. The more you give your dog the structure and training,  the easier it is for them to make you happy, and dogs love when they make their owners happy.

The Scotch Pines Training Method brings a unique approach that can work for any breed because we know how to help you communicate and connect with your dog. We work with you to teach them your expectations for their behaviors.

If you have any questions about our method or need help choosing where to start, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get started.


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